Cape Cod

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Cape Cod's Hot New Tourists: Great Whites

Number of sharks is on the rise as predators follow seals

(Newser) - Great white sharks are discovering what tourists have known for years: Cape Cod is a great place to spend the summer. The latest data from a multiyear study found that the number of sharks in waters off the vacation haven is on the rise, Greg Skomal, a scientist with the... More »

Jeep Stuck in Sand Dune 40 Years Is Finally Free

Its driving days are over

(Newser) - A Jeep buried in sand in Massachusetts 40 years ago has finally been dug out. Work crews on Friday pulled out the rusted remnants of what John Munsnuff says was once his family's "beach buggy" at the home they've long owned near Ballston Beach in Cape Cod,... More »

Navy Will Scatter Vet's Ashes at Site of Worst US Sub Disaster

'He felt he should have gone down with the Thresher'

(Newser) - For a half-century after the deadliest submarine disaster in US history, Navy Capt. Paul "Bud" Rogers struggled with feelings that it should have been him—and not his last-minute replacement—on the doomed voyage of the USS Thresher in which 129 men died. This week, at his family's... More »

Boy, 6, Hooks Great White Shark Off Cape Cod

Texas family cut fishing line to free it

(Newser) - "We're going to need a bigger boat." That's what Lars White told his 6-year-old son, Blake, after the boy hooked a great white shark while fishing Saturday off Cape Cod, Mass., the AP reports. The Houston resident told the Cape Cod Times that the 10- to... More »

Instructor, Student Killed in Skydiving Accident

Pair apparently hit building near Cape Cod Airfield

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration and local authorities are probing the deaths of two skydivers yesterday evening. The instructor and student, both adult males, were found next to a garage across the street from the Cape Cod Airfield, reports NECN . "We responded to the scene and we observed two people—... More »

Great White Surge Means Big Bucks for Cape Cod Town

Apparently Chatham tourists are not scared of Jaws

(Newser) - Don’t cue the Jaws theme song just yet. In Chatham, Mass., "cha-ching" is more appropriate. People are flocking to the classy Cape Cod town thanks to an increase in great white shark sightings, and local businesses are making lots of money off the phenomenon, the AP reports. T-shirts,... More »

Move to Save Fishing Industry Could Kill It

Cod fishermen say slashed Gulf of Maine quotas will spell doom

(Newser) - Faced with dangerously declining cod stocks, New England fisheries officials voted yesterday to massively cut cod quotas—down 77% from last year's catch for the next three years in the Gulf of Maine, and by 61% for the next year in Georges Bank, near Cape Cod, reports the New ... More »

Shark Threat Closes Cape Cod Beaches

Two sharks spotted; great white found dead near state border

(Newser) - A Labor Day disappointment on Cape Cod: Beaches have shut down along much of the coast thanks to shark trouble. Officials have banned swimming at several top sites after a pair of sightings, CBS News reports. The animals seem to be appearing more frequently lately; earlier this summer, a man... More »

Cape Cod Deals With Return of Great Whites

It would help if people stopped swimming near seals, say experts

(Newser) - After a kayaker's close call was followed by Massachusetts' first great white shark attack since 1936 , authorities have some advice for Cape Cod swimmers: Stay away from seals. More than 300,000 grey seals now live in the area—30 times more than in the '60s—and their... More »

Great White Blamed for Cape Cod Attack

Attack would be first in Mass. since 1936

(Newser) - A Massachusetts swimmer has been hospitalized with serious leg injuries after what experts believe was an attack by a great white shark—the state's first since 1936. Witnesses said they saw a dorsal fin break the water near where the man was swimming off Cape Cod, reports the Boston ... More »

Mary Kennedy Reburied Away From Kennedys

And best friend Kerry Kennedy charged with DUI

(Newser) - Mary Kennedy didn't get to rest in peace for long: The coffin of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s estranged wife was dug up earlier this month and moved to a new site some 700 feet away, reports the AP , and RFK Jr. apparently requested the move. Mary Kennedy,... More »

Cape Cod Kayaker 'Paddled Like No Tomorrow'

'Turned into a professional' when he saw great white shark

(Newser) - Walter Szulc Jr. was kayaking for the first time when he was tailed by a great white shark but he says he started paddling like a pro when he spotted it. "To actually see it, to see the fin come out of the water behind me, it was a... More »

Cape Cod Kayaker Dodges Great White

Man has close encounter on 1st kayak trip

(Newser) - It might be a while before Walter Szulc Jr. decides it's safe to go back in the water. He was kayaking—for the first time—at a Cape Cod beach on the weekend when he saw the fin of a great white shark longer than his kayak just 10... More »

Sharks Spark Cape Cod Swim Ban

'He was big and he was close,' warns spotter

(Newser) - Sightings of at least two great white sharks —one 16 feet long—stalking the waters off Cape Cod have triggered a swimming ban at the popular summer tourist spot during one of busiest times of the year. One shark was spotted a half mile from shore; the other was... More »

Cape Cod Awash in Mass Dolphin Strandings

177 dolphins beached in past month

(Newser) - Over the past month, 177 dolphins have stranded themselves on Cape Cod , nearly five times the average of a typical full year, and 124 of those have died. As researchers struggle to understand what's behind the mass beachings, the International Fund for Animal Welfare works to help the dolphins... More »

Dozens of Dolphins Die at Cape Cod

Rash of strandings puzzles experts

(Newser) - Volunteers in Cape Cod are scrambling to deal with an unusual spate of dolphin strandings. A solitary dolphin was found stranded last Thursday and dozens more followed in the days after. Nineteen were treated and released but eight others couldn't be saved, and another 32 washed ashore already dead,... More »

Rare Right Whales Flock to Cape Cod

Plankton is especially plentiful this year

(Newser) - There are only 473 North Atlantic right whales on the planet, but almost half of them have been spotted gorging themselves on an unusual feast off the coast of Cape Cod this year. "The current must be piling the plankton up," a scientist with the Center for Coastal... More »

Great White Sighting Won't Close Mass. Beaches

Predator no threat to public safety, officials say

(Newser) - Dun-dun, dun-dun: Massachusetts isn't about to let a measly 200-pound juvenile great white shark close its beaches. The beast was caught and released 20 miles offshore, and "we don’t believe it is a threat to public safety,'' a top environmental official tells the Boston Globe . "White... More »

Wildfire Smoke Shrouds New England, Quebec

Blazes raging in Canadian forest send clouds hundreds of miles

(Newser) - Massive clouds of smoke from forest fires raging in Quebec have moved south and east across New England, screening the holiday-weekend sun throughout the region. "I just walked to the beach in Sandwich where you can usually see white cliffs in Plymouth, the Sagamore Bridge and sometimes the Provincetown... More »

Bride and Groom Jailed for Trying to Run Over Ex

Newlywed couple spends first night in separate cells

(Newser) - A pair of Cape Cod newlyweds spent their first night as husband and wife in separate jail cells, after allegedly attempting to run over the groom’s ex-girlfriend and her son. Police say they found the couple and their would-be victims in a restaurant parking lot. The couple was drunk,... More »

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