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Cold Weather May Trigger More Heart Attacks

Drop in air temps could be a risk for people with plaques in their arteries

(Newser) - When the temperature drops, the number of heart attacks goes up, according to a massive 16-year study of some 280,000 patients in Sweden. "There is seasonal variation in the occurrence of heart attack, with incidence declining in summer and peaking in winter," says the lead author in... More »

Mom's Insight May Lead to Heart Disease Treatment

Compound used to treat kids' rare disorder unclogs arteries, too

(Newser) - The unlikely use of a compound in powdered booze could ultimately help save millions of people from heart disease—and it was the mother of twin girls with a rare genetic disorder who first pitched the idea to scientists. The compound is called beta-cyclodextrin, which is already approved by the... More »

For Clean Arteries, Drink Coffee

S. Korean study links moderate consumption, cleaner arteries

(Newser) - Indulging in coffee may lower your risk for melanoma , make for awesome naps , and even help fend off retinal degeneration . Now there's another possible health benefit: According to a study published in the Heart journal, people who drank a moderate amount of coffee (three to five cups a day)... More »

Brushing Twice a Day Keeps Heart Doc Away

Gum inflammation linked to higher heart disease risk

(Newser) - Not brushing can give you furry arteries as well as furry teeth, according to Scottish researchers. Their study of 1,100 adults found that those who didn't take care of their teeth were 70% more likely to suffer heart trouble who brushed their teeth twice a day, the BBC reports.... More »

Millions of Americans May Have 'Rare' Artery Disease

Vascular experts believe disease is being massively underdiagnosed

(Newser) - A disease so obscure many doctors don't know about it may actually affect up to one in twenty people, experts tell the Wall Street Journal. Fibromuscular dysplasia—FMD—affects the walls of arteries and can cause blockages. It is rarely diagnosed, or looked for, but vascular experts believe it could... More »

Obese Kids Have Middle-Aged Arteries

Scientists warn childhood obesity epidemic may lead to much shorter lifespans

(Newser) - Arteries of seriously overweight teenagers are as clogged as those of middle-aged people, according to US News & World Report. Researchers used ultrasound to measure the neck arteries of chubby kids at risk of heart trouble and were alarmed to find that their "vascular age" was an average of... More »

Sleep Apnea May Cause Heart Attack at Night: Study

Disorder may increase chance of blockage

(Newser) - Sleep apnea could cause heart attacks to occur at night, Reuters reports. The disorder, in which breathing is temporarily blocked during sleep, causes changes in blood pressure and hormone levels that might increase arterial blockage, a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology finds. More »

Pot Linked to Heart Attack Risk

Smoking 78-350 joints a week boosts level of protein that hardens arteries

(Newser) - Heavy users of marijuana have elevated levels of a protein that can raise the risk of heart disease, stroke and heart attacks, according to US government researchers.  The drug apparently causes the liver to overproduce the protein, raising serious health issues for long-term smokers, researchers warned. The survey studied... More »

Diabetes Drug Slows Artery Clogging

Choice of meds may be critical to diabetics' heart health

(Newser) - A drug used to lower blood sugar in diabetics significantly decreases the clogging of arteries, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. Tests on diabetic patients found that Actos, a new-generation drug that lowers insulin resistance, aided arteries more than a drug that boosted insulin production. Heart disease kills 75% of diabetics... More »

Don't Cry: Onions Reduce Heart Risk

Red wine, tea, and apples also thwart artery inflammation

(Newser) - Onions and red wine can help reduce the risk of heart disease, researchers say. Both, along with tea and apples, contain a type of flavonoid compound called quercetin, which stalls chronic inflammation of the arteries. In one case, a lower dosage of the compound actually had a larger effect, the... More »

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