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Ripley's Runs Low on Oddities

(Newser) - They just don’t make shrunken heads the way they used to. In fact, no one makes them at all, which is a big problem for Ripley’s Believe It or Not! The chain of “odditoriums” has expanded so far and so fast that its collection is stretched to... More »

The Genius Who Gave Us the Toothpick

A brief history of America's favorite tiny stick

(Newser) - Americans might still be whittling their own toothpicks, if not for the marketing genius and borderline con-artistry of Charles Forster, writes Henry Petroski, author of a new book on toothpick history, in Slate. Forster swore to make a fortune mass-producing the pointy sticks, but had trouble finding buyers. So he... More »

2 Stories