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Barry Diller Steps Down as IAC CEO

IAC cuts ties with Liberty Media

(Newser) - Barry Diller stepped down as CEO of his IAC media empire today, but he will stay on as chairman, he announced in a press release. Greg Blatt, former CEO of, replaces Diller; Diller will retain the largest voting share in the company, which he can increase from 34%... More »

Dying MGM Taking Bids

Struggling studio could be picked up by Time Warner

(Newser) - MGM Studios, once the stuff of Hollywood legend, is on the chopping block: The first bids from potential buyers are expected in the next few weeks, reports Variety . MGM made only one film this year—the poorly-performing Fame—and, possibly even sadder, its future projects include the grim-sounding Hot Tub ... More »

Liberty Media Nears Sirius Rescue Deal

Company to get stake in Sirius in return for fending off Echostar

(Newser) - Sirius XM may have found its white knight just in time, the Financial Times reports. The deadline for the satellite radio firm to restructure its debt or file for bankruptcy protection is today, and Liberty Media is believed to be readying a last-minute rescue deal that would give it a... More »

Sirius Seeks White Knight

Facing massive debt and under siege by a rival, company turns to Liberty Media for help

(Newser) - With $175 million in debt due Tuesday and an unwanted takeover in the offing, Sirius XM Radio is hoping for help from Liberty Media, reports the Wall Street Journal. The satellite radio company is more than $3.25 billion in debt and nearly cashless, yet remains steadfast in its efforts... More »

IAC, Liberty Make Peace Over Spin-Offs

Media bosses Malone and Diller finally bury the hatchet

(Newser) - The months-long feud between media barons John Malone and Barry Diller over IAC spin-offs has ended amicably, the Wall Street Journal reports. Malone's Liberty Media, the majority shareholder in IAC, will drop its opposition to Diller's plans to divide IAC/Interactive Corp into five separate entities. Liberty will have the right... More »

Diller's Trials Far From Over After IAC Verdict

Efforts to break up the company face major stumbling blocks

(Newser) - Barry Diller might have won control over e-commerce company IAC/InterActiveCorp from rival John Malone in court Friday, but the CEO’s real trials have just begun. With the economy tanking and credit markets tightening, Diller’s plan to break up IAC into five “baby Barrys”—including Ticketmaster and... More »

Diller On Top in Liberty/IAC Ruling

Judge rules IAC chief can proceed with spin-off plans against Malone's wishes

(Newser) - Barry Diller took round one today in his feud with fellow billionaire John Malone: A Delaware judge ruled that Malone can’t force Diller out of Interactive Corp. for trying to break up the company, Bloomberg reports. The ruling prevents Malone's Liberty Media from seizing control; Liberty has a minority... More »

Diller Strikes Back at Liberty

IAC chairman defends his leadership as media barons' court battle concludes

(Newser) - Barry Diller struck back at Liberty Media in court yesterday, blaming CEO Greg Maffei for driving a wedge between himself and Liberty chairman John Malone by speaking “badly about our businesses and our managers.” The warring media magnates—once close partners—have been waging a court battle for... More »

Malone Testifies Against Diller in IAC Battle

Mogul insists that company restructuring would be breach of faith

(Newser) - John Malone has launched the first volley in his court battle with fellow media baron Barry Diller over control of IAC/InterActiveCorp. Malone testified today that the proposed restructuring of IAC breaks a longstanding agreement between the two, the Wall Street Journal reports. "It's a breach of the stewardship that... More »

Liberty Looks to Leverage DirecTV Deal

In for a tough battle with better positioned telcos, cable companies

(Newser) - Closing Liberty Media’s $12 billion deal for a 41% share of DirecTV took more than a year, but positioning the satellite-TV service to rival telcos and cable companies offering triple-play packages of TV, phone, and broadband could be a bigger test, reports the Wall Street Journal today. The deal... More »

Moguls Take Feud to Court

Diller, Malone share knack for deal-making—and turn it on each other

(Newser) - The escalating fight between media barons Barry Diller and John Malone over control of IAC/Interactive Corp. has its origins in the men’s shared talent for wheeling and dealing, the New York Times reports in a portrait of the colorful, headstrong, vastly different moguls. Both have faced accusations of chasing... More »

Liberty Tries to Force Diller Off IAC Board

Clash of media titans continues with latest court action

(Newser) - The feud between media magnates John Malone and Barry Diller has stepped up a level, reports the Wall Street Journal. Malone's Liberty Media Corp. is taking legal action to boot   chairman Diller, his wife and seven others off the board of Internet conglomerate IAC/Interactive Corp. Malone and Diller worked... More »

IAC and Liberty Lock Horns in Legal Battle

Fight over spinoffs that would reduce Liberty's control over IAC assets

(Newser) - Media moguls Barry Diller and his onetime backer, John Malone, have gone head to head,  with each man’s corporation suing the other’s. Diller’s IAC/InterActiveCorp and Malone’s Liberty Media, which owns a majority voting stake in IAC, are at odds over an IAC restructuring plan that... More »

Diller's IAC to Split Into Five Companies

HSN, Ticketmaster, Interval International, LendingTree spin off

(Newser) - Barry Diller's InterActiveCorp will split into five separately traded companies, their board announced today.  Former IAC components Home Shopping Network, Ticketmaster, vacation site Interval International, and online real estate site LendingTree will all become separate firms under those names. CNN Money reports that the remaining pieces of IAC will... More »

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