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Bing or Google? According to Jeopardy!, the Winner Is...

...Google, but not by all that much

(Newser) - Bing vs. Google: How will we ever really know which search engine is superior? Easy: Jeopardy! will tell us. A computer expert ran 200,000 of the game show’s clues into common search engines to see which came up with the correct answer—in the form of a question—... More » Hires Real People to Answer Questions

Stick it, Jeeves

(Newser) - Big news: still exists! Bigger news: It’s going to start ripping off Yahoo Answers, Quora, and all the other Web 2.0 question-answering services! The search site, which apparently still gets a lot of traffic, has launched a beta service called “Ask the Community.” Users... More »

IAC Plans Wave of Web Startups

African-American search engine launches today

(Newser) - IAC/Interactive Corp plans to launch a host of new websites as it readies to split off some of its older ones into separate companies, the Wall Street Journal reports., a search engine aimed at the black community, goes live today. Other startups, including a news site, a personal... More » Addresses Privacy Worries

No. 5 search engine says it will erase info within hours

(Newser) - Aiming to establish itself as an innovator, is allowing users to have their search requests deleted within hours, the AP reports. The fifth-most-popular search engine with just 3% market share, is taking a huge leap toward being the web’s least intrusive search option. "We... More »

Google Keeps Growing, Stock Keeps Rising

Predictions of $900 stock price as engine's market share grows

(Newser) - Google is already the US most popular search engine, but new data indicate it enjoyed a substantial jump in traffic this past month. Reuters reports that the search giant accounted for 58.5% of the American market. Google is trailed by Yahoo, Microsoft, IAC (the owners of, and... More »

Diller's IAC to Split Into Five Companies

HSN, Ticketmaster, Interval International, LendingTree spin off

(Newser) - Barry Diller's InterActiveCorp will split into five separately traded companies, their board announced today.  Former IAC components Home Shopping Network, Ticketmaster, vacation site Interval International, and online real estate site LendingTree will all become separate firms under those names. CNN Money reports that the remaining pieces of IAC will... More »

6 Stories