Guitar Hero III

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Guitar Hero: $9K; Lesson to Pothead Son: Priceless

Dad scores, then sells coveted video game

(Newser) - Christmas came early for a father who sold a rare $90 Guitar Hero III video game for $9,100 on eBay. He searched for "the Holy Grail of Christmas presents" for 2 weeks, he said in his auction description, and "couldn't wait to spread the jubilance to my... More »

'Guitar Hero' Amps Metal Sales

Rock star wannabes turning to real bands

(Newser) - Red-hot video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is helping lift heavy metal sales, the Boston Herald reports. Massachusetts metallers Killswitch Engage have seen CD sales top half a million since being featured in the game—pretty good going in the age of illegal downloads. The guitar simulator game... More »

Be Your Own 'Rock Band'

Harmonix's new game allows Guitar Hero-style play for every rock instrument

(Newser) - The immensely popular Guitar Hero "rhythm game" franchise has a new competitor: MTV Games/Harmonix's Rock Band. The game ups the ante on the Guitar Hero concept by moving beyond guitars: a microphone and drumset controllers, along with guitar, are included in the game's $170 pricetag so that in multiplayer,... More »

Activision Profits Powered by Guitar Hero

2Q results foreshadow billions in future revenue from game

(Newser) - Activision turned a $24.3 million loss into a slender quarterly profit of $698,000 in just one year—thanks to its blockbuster musical simulation Guitar Hero. The video game is expected to produce revenue in the billions, the Wall Street Journal reports. Guitar Hero III was launched October 28—... More »

4 Stories