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Aetna Doing Something About Workers' Student Loans

Employees offered up to $10K in matching payments

(Newser) - Competition for talented university graduates appears to be heating up: Health care giant Aetna has become the latest big company trying to woo young workers by offering to help them pay off their mountains of student debt, USA Today reports. Full-time employees who have earned degrees within the last three... More »

$48B Health Care Deal Could 'Reshape Industry'

Anthem-Cigna news comes just weeks after Aetna-Humana announcement

(Newser) - In a deal that the Wall Street Journal says could "reshape the US health industry," Anthem has agreed to buy Cigna for more than $48 billion—forming a combined entity that will cover more than 53 million people. Just weeks after Aetna announced it plans to acquire Humana... More »

Health Insurance Ads Go Cuddly

Firms shift marketing toward individual consumers

(Newser) - Health insurers are targeting a new audience: you. If the health care law's individual mandate remains intact, the companies could be looking at 120 million new potential customers by 2020, an analyst tells the New York Times . Regardless of the Supreme Court decision on the law, insurers believe the... More »

America's Top CEOs Had a Nice Fat 2010

How nice? Their compensation jumped 27% to 40%

(Newser) - Today, in Depressing Coincidences in Journalism, we're greeted with the news that nearly 50% of Americans are living below the poverty level or very close to it—and the news that America's top CEOs saw their 2010 pay jump a crazy 27% to 40%. The latter revelation comes... More »

Insurers Propel Dow Down 89

Obama budget boosts some financials

(Newser) - Stocks turned lower today amid grim economic news and varied responses to President Obama’s budget, the Wall Street Journal reports. Durable goods sank and jobless claims rose, and insurers Aetna and Humana dropped sharply over fears of adverse effects from the administration's healthcare reform. The Dow fell 88.81... More »

US Insurers Warming to Medical Tourism

Sending patients to India, elsewhere could save $20B a year

(Newser) - If you’re in need of high-priced surgery, your insurance company might have a plane ticket for you. Insurers are starting to warm to “medical tourism” for the same reason uninsured Americans are: Surgery is significantly cheaper overseas. At least 150,000 Americans go abroad for medical procedures every... More »

Black Fortune 500 CEOs in Short Supply

Departure of Merrill, Time Warner chiefs knocks total to four

(Newser) - The departure of Dick Parsons from Time Warner and Stan O'Neal from Merrill Lynch has reduced the already sparse population of African-American CEOs running Fortune 500 companies to an extremely paltry four, reports AP. CEOs of any color have a short shelf life, and the small numbers of black chiefs... More »

7 Stories