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Love and Other Drugs Not So Potent

Forgettable film has moments to treasure

(Newser) - Love and Other Drugs—with Jake Gyllenhaal playing a Viagra salesman who falls for Anne Hathaway's character—has a lot to offer, but critics can’t prescribe it without a few caveats. (It has a 38% rating on Rotten Tomatoes , though audiences give it a solid 70% approval mark):
  • The
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'Thirtysomething' Stars Shine Behind Camera

Cast credits success to show's unique atmosphere

(Newser) - Whether you remember 'thirtysomething' fondly or think of it as a favorite of your parents, there's no escaping the familiar faces from that 80’s cult favorite. None of them became household names, but almost all of them moved into powerful positions behind the camera. The Wall Street Journal channel-surfs... More »

NBC picks up 'quarterlife'

Creators will retain creative control

(Newser) - The made-for-Internet show "quarterlife," created and largely financed by the brains behind "My So-Called Life" and "thirtysomething," will be appearing on TV thanks to a deal with NBC signed this week. The show will most likely hit old-media screens early next year, after all 36... More »

New Web TV Show May Benefit From Writers' Strike

'Quarterlife' created by the pair behind 'My So-Called Life'

(Newser) - Just as Hollywood writers go on strike, the Emmy-winning creators of "thirtysomething" and "My So-Called Life" are launching their new show, which will air not on TV but online, in eight-minute weekly webisodes. "Quarterlife" will focus on six twentysomething artist friends living in a big city, and... More »

4 Stories