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Burger King Sorry for 'Whopper Goddess'

(Newser) - Hold the sauce—and the beef. Burger King has apologized to Hindus following a firestorm of controversy over the chain's use of the multi-limbed goddess Lakshmi in a Whopper ad, reports the Telegraph. Burger King immediately yanked the ads from outlets in Spain after Hindus complained that it denigrated their... More »

8-Limbed Girl Learns to Walk

2-year-old recovering well from marathon surgery to remove parasitic twin

(Newser) - A 2-year-old Indian girl born with eight limbs and worshiped as an incarnation of a Hindu goddess is learning to walk after surgery last fall, CNN reports. Doctors say that Lakshmi Tatma continues to recover from the marathon 27-hour operation that severed a parasitic twin, but that her organs are... More »

Indians Worship Two-Faced Baby

Little girl hailed as reincarnation of Hindu god

(Newser) - Indians are coming from far and wide to see a two-faced baby born in a tiny village, ABC News reports. Many think the little girl with four eyes and two mouths is a reincarnation of the Hindu god Ganesh. "Some people say she is like a goddess," a... More »

Lakshmi Makes First Post-Op Appearance

'So far, so good,' says doc who removed Indian girl's extra limbs

(Newser) - Nearly a week after the marathon surgery to remove her two extra arms and legs, 2-year-old Lakshmi Tatma made her first public appearance today, the AP reports. The girl appeared healthy and alert before the Indian media, although her legs are in casts and doctors say she will need additional... More »

Girl Born With 8 Limbs Awake and Smiling

Indian toddler regains consciousness, wiggles toes

(Newser) - Two days after surgery to remove her extra arms, legs, and organs, 2-year old Lakshmi regained consciousness in a Bangalore hospital today and gave the first tentative signs that she's on her way to recovery. She even smiled at her parents and wiggled her toes, the AP reports. Doctors took... More »

Indian Docs Try to Help Girl With 8 Limbs

Surgery begins on 2-year-old with rare medical condition

(Newser) - Doctors in India have begun marathon surgery on a 2-year-old girl who was born with four arms and four legs, the BBC reports. Lakshmi Tatma's extra limbs are from an incompletely developed conjoined twin; her condition has drawn worldwide attention. More than 30 surgeons will work in shifts on what... More »

6 Stories