Sigmund Freud

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Thieves Try to Steal Sigmund Freud's Ashes

Police still looking for crematorium burglars

(Newser) - Daddy issues? Police are hunting burglars who tried and failed to steal the ashes of Sigmund Freud from a London crematorium. Police say a 2,300-year-old Greek urn containing the remains of Freud and wife Martha was severely damaged in a break-in at Golders Green Crematorium around the first of... More »

Painting by Hitler May Have Hung in Freud's Office

Future fuhrer peddled watercolors in Vienna

(Newser) - Back in 1910, when Sigmund Freud was decorating the walls of his Vienna offices, he may have bought a painting from a struggling young artist who was then peddling his work in Vienna: Adolf Hitler. The discovery of a tiny Hitler watercolor marked on the back with the name of... More »

Rush Has a Butt Fixation

(Newser) - Lots of detractors say Rush Limbaugh talks out of his ass, but they’re missing something crucial, writes Gabriel Winant for Salon: He talks about his ass, too. And everyone else’s. Constantly. Limbaugh apparently has what Freud would call an anal fixation—specifically a fixation on anal rape. He’... More »

Freud Is Everywhere but in Psych Dept

Psychoanalysis is thriving in culture, obsolete in psychology

(Newser) - Sigmund Freud's ideas have seeped into every corner of popular culture and academia, from film to foreign policy. The one place they've seeped out of is university psychology departments, where psychoanalysis is now viewed as obsolete, the New York Times reports. A new survey of 150 top colleges and universities... More »

Walter Mosley's Top Literary Picks

Devil in a Blue Dress author selects five most influential books

(Newser) - Walter Mosley has won accolades from readers and critics alike for his Easy Rawlins detective series, and the novelist has a philosophical side, too. Newsweek presents his list of important works that "most greatly impacted the intelligence, potential and humanity of the people of the world."
  1. The Theory
... More »

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