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Detroit Mess May Hurt Obama

In battleground Michigan, GOP seizing on Dem's support of ousted Detroit mayor

(Newser) - The fall of Kwame Kilpatrick could hurt Barack Obama’s chances in all-important Michigan, writes Keith Naughton for Newsweek. Long before the scandal broke, Obama embraced Kilpatrick at a Detroit event and told a crowd the “great” mayor would do “astounding things for many years to come”—... More »

Dems Run Risk With Costly Green Reforms

Could win suburban support, but price tag will draw GOP attack

(Newser) - The leading Democratic candidates are committed to far-reaching environmental pledges, surely fueling future GOP attacks—and potentially turning next November in either party’s favor. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards have all signed on to 80% cuts in greenhouse gases by mid-century, the Post reports, which could mean... More »

2 Stories