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New Atkins Diet Embraces Veggies

'The New Atkins' book recommends five servings of greens

(Newser) - The Atkins Diet is going green—leafy greens that is. An upcoming book revising the diet, The New Atkins for a New You, puts a bigger emphasis on veggies, urging adherents to chow down on them from day one. “If there is one thing to disprove, it's the myth... More »

Low-Carb Diet Linked to Lower Blood Pressure

Both low-fat plan and Atkins-style regimen lead to weight loss

(Newser) - Besides leading to weight loss, a low-carbohydrate diet helps lower blood pressure, according to a new study. Research subjects randomly assigned to a low-carb regimen lost about as much weight as patients following a low-fat plan and taking a weight-loss drug—the generic version of the medication marketed as Alli—... More »

Meet New York's Worst Hipsters: Cavemen

'Paleos' try to live as our ancestors did, succeed in being annoying

(Newser) - If the Atkins diet isn’t extreme enough for you, perhaps you’ll want to follow the example of a small group of New York hipsters following a “caveman” lifestyle. The group eats mostly meat (sometimes raw), fasts, and—of course—prefers exercise that simulates a prehistoric person fleeing... More »

Atkins Will Make You Thin —but Miserable

Study shows that low-carb diet causes bad moods

(Newser) - You may lose weight on the Atkins diet, but you’ll be a really crabby thin person, a new study finds. OK, few dieters have truly sunny dispositions, but Australian researchers have found that the problem’s especially bad for those on low-carb diets. In a recent study, they split... More »

Americans Lose Love for Dieting

More people accept their extra weight, focus on eating better-quality food

(Newser) - Americans are obsessed with dieting, right? Well, not anymore. A new survey indicates that only 26% of US women and 16% of men are on diets, the Boston Globe reports—the lowest numbers in 2 decades. And there are plenty of reasons why. More »

Atkins Linked to Blood Vessel, Heart Damage

High-fat, low-carb regimen unhealthy over time, study says

(Newser) - The Atkins diet can hurt blood vessels and swell inflammation linked to artery and heart disease over time, according to a study released yesterday. US scientists say the Atkins regimen can cause inflammation to spike by 30-40%, while low-fat diets like South Beach and Ornish kept it stable or lowered... More »

High-Fat Diet May Slow Cancer

Researchers cut off tumor sugar supply

(Newser) - A diet high in fat but devoid of sugars is being tested as a new strategy to fight cancerous tumors. Researchers are exploiting tumors' dependence on sugar fermentation by banning most carbohydrates in the regimen, similar to the Atkins diet, Time magazine reports. Nutrition is supplied by plant oils and... More »

7 Stories