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Turkey Eases Controversial 'Insult' Statute

But advocates say changes to free speech law mainly cosmetic

(Newser) - The Turkish parliament has approved changes to a notorious law that makes it a crime to "insult Turkishness," reports the Financial Times. Ankara legislators today amended the notorious Article 301, reducing the maximum sentence and requiring the justice minister to approve all prosecutions. But while nationalists are outraged,... More »

16 Arrested in Plot to Kill Turkish Laureate

Journalist, party leader involved in plan to murder writer Pamuk

(Newser) - A nationalist party leader, a veteran journalist, and a top academic have been arrested over a plan to kill dissident Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk. The leader of the Workers’ Party and former rector of Istanbul University, along with a general, and retired colonel, are among 16 who were detained over... More »

Prof Guilty of Insulting Turkish Founder

Suspended sentence may mean trouble for country's bid to join EU

(Newser) - A Turkish court today handed a political science professor a 15-month suspended sentence for insulting the country's founder. Attila Yayla had suggested that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was not as progressive as official portrayals indicate. The conviction heightens scrutiny of the country's commitment to freedom of expression as it pursues EU... More »

Publisher Faces Prison for Book on Armenians

Accused of 'insulting Turkishness' with book urging reconciliation

(Newser) - A Turkish publisher goes on trial today in Istanbul for violating that country's controversial law against "insulting Turkishness." Ragip Zarakolu is accused of contravening the notorious Article 301 by publishing a book by a London-based author promoting reconciliation between Turks and Armenians. The trial of a relatively moderate... More »

Turkey Listens to EU, Will Ease Up on Free Speech

Amendment to law is part of bid for EU membership

(Newser) - Readying itself for possible EU membership, Turkey's government will soften a law that curbs free speech, the AP reports. An amendment expected to pass parliament will limit penalties for Article 301, which punishes "insulting Turkey or Turkish identity" with up to three years in prison. The announcement came hours... More »

5 Stories