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11 Celeb Breakups That Shocked Us

Sometimes you don't see it coming

(Newser) - Some celebrity splits come after months and months of troubling rumors , but others seem to come out of the blue. Here are examples of the latter variety:
  • We were so distracted with tales of Gwyneth Paltrow's epic battle with Vanity Fair , we were blindsided when she " consciously uncoupled
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Laura Dern, Ben Harper Reconciliation Didn't Go So Well

Now Dern files to reactivate divorce

(Newser) - The first time around, Ben Harper was the one to file for divorce from Laura Dern—but nearly two years later, it's Dern filing to reactivate the divorce. The divorce was never finalized, TMZ explains, and the couple attempted to reconcile earlier this year (click to see a photo... More »

Descendants, The Artist Win Big

'Homeland' also does well at the Golden Globes

(Newser) - Be honest: You tuned in to the Golden Globes tonight mostly to see what Ricky Gervais would say . But awards were handed out too, and The Artist and The Descendants were the big film winners. Both won best picture and best actor in their respective categories (comedy or musical for... More »

Ben Harper to Divorce Laura Dern

The musician cites irreconcilable differences

(Newser) - Hard to say if it's journalistic exaggeration or the cold, hard truth, but TMZ reports that Ben Harper "stunned" wife Laura Dern by filing for divorce on Friday afternoon. The two-time Grammy winner cited irreconcilable differences as the cause, and asked the judge for two things: to deny his... More »

Galpal to Depp: Stay Away From Angie!

Vanessa Paradis fears Jolie will get Depp in her clutches

(Newser) - Vanessa Paradis really, really loves Johnny Depp—so much that she’s trying to force him out of his latest movie. Depp has a “real long and intense love scene” with man-thief Angelina Jolie in The Tourist, and a source tells the New York Post that Paradis demanded he... More »

Hollywood Women Work on Senate Majority

Deep-pocketed stars are raising money for Dem candidates

(Newser) - Powerful Hollywood women are reorganizing after Hillary Clinton's failed presidential bid, turning their attention toward increasing the Democratic majority in the Senate. A fundraiser Sept. 27 could raise more than $1 million for candidates, and is being put together by the likes of Jane Fonda, Kate Capshaw, Penny Marshall, Daryl... More »

Lights, Camera, Chads!

Set your TiVo for Gore v. Bush, the HBO movie

(Newser) - If you enjoyed the disputed 2000 election in real life, you get to experience it all over again by watching Recount, an HBO movie that will tell the story of intrigue among the butterfly ballots and hanging chads. The movie is now being filmed in Tallahassee, though some insiders sniff... More »

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