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Southern Cheaters Call on God—but Which God?

Sanford used God-talk in confession; Spitzer, McGreevey didn't

(Newser) - Mark Sanford's liberal use of religious rhetoric in confessing his affair prompts Gustav Niebuhr to observe that whether Sanford is pandering or actually penitent, he is very much in the tradition of Southern politicians caught in scandal. Bill Clinton, David Vitter, and John Edwards all applied an ample dose of... More »

'Gospel Illusionists' Tricked Out for Jesus

Saving souls with sleight of hand

(Newser) - Though the Bible places strictures on the “magic arts,” a group of faithful tricksters are using sleight of hand to convert the wayward, Mother Jones reports. Weslyan University recently hosted the annual convention of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, where performers were more likely to quote scripture and... More »

Pope to Launch Bible Marathon for TV, Internet

Pontiff will lead off six-day reading fest in the fall

(Newser) - Pope Benedict XVI may not have the media cache of his predecessor, but he's working on it. The pontiff will kick off a six-day Bible-reading marathon that will be broadcast live on Italian television and the Internet this fall. The Guardian reports the pope will read aloud the first chapter... More »

Evangelicals Seen to Be Softening on Divorce

Christianity Today rethinks issue, stirs pot

(Newser) - A Christianity Today article that reinterprets Jesus Christ’s stance against divorce has sparked anger among evangelicals, Time reports, while also revealing diminished opposition to breaking the marital sacrament. The piece argues that, in a key scripture passage, Jesus might have been giving his opinion on a certain kind of... More »

4 Stories