Paul Weyrich

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New Media Unite, Ignite Anti-Obama Message

Beltway insiders work together with tea party populists

(Newser) - The bloggers, radio hosts, tea-partiers and Beltway veterans of the new conservative movement are not only getting their message out through Twitter and Facebook—they're also getting their act together. Thanks to new media, conservatives are increasingly energized and coordinated, with Washington "insiders" and populist "outsiders" working together.... More »

Weyrich, Who Coined 'Moral Majority,' Dead at 66

Conservative thinker gave name to movement key in GOP rise

(Newser) - Paul Weyrich, the influential conservative who co-founded the Heritage Foundation and coined the term “moral majority,” died today at 66, the Washington Post reports, after years of poor health. A reporter, Weyrich got his Washington entree in 1967 as press secretary for a Colorado senator. At a 1979... More »

Robertson Backs Rudy; Brownback, McCain

Mitt's the loser as religious right lines up

(Newser) - Two Christian leaders took sides in the GOP primary today: Pat Robertson chose Rudy Giuliani and Sam Brownback went for John McCain. The far-right electorate has been generally despondent about its primary choices, and the endorsements are seen as major coups for socially liberal Giuliani and down-but-not-out McCain, Politico reports. More »

3 Stories