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Conservative Think Tank Makes 'Puzzling' Big Move

Heritage Foundation ousts leader Jim DeMint

(Newser) - The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, has ousted its leader after a power struggle.The Washington nonprofit's board of trustees unanimously asked for and received the resignation of Jim DeMint at a meeting Tuesday. The board chairman said in a pull-no-punches statement afterward that "significant and worsening... More »

Benghazi Summit Spiraled Into Muslim Hatefest

Up to 300M Muslims 'bent on destruction of Western civilization': panelist

(Newser) - A panel on Benghazi at a conservative think tank devolved into finger-pointing and "ugly taunting"—targeted at a law student wearing an Islamic head scarf, Dana Milbank writes in the Washington Post . Asking a question from the back of the room, Saba Ahmed noted that "we portray... More »

War on Poverty Isn't Working

Robert Rector thinks we've forgotten LBJ's goal of getting people to help themselves

(Newser) - Today marks 50 years since Lyndon Johnson declared his "unconditional war on poverty." Yet the percentage of Americans living in poverty has remained roughly unchanged in the decades since, despite some $916 billion in federal spending on means-tested welfare programs in 2012 alone, Robert Rector from the conservative... More »

Jim DeMint Was Never a Legislator

He'll have just as much influence out of the Senate, two writers say

(Newser) - Jim DeMint has figured out something important, writes Steve Kornacki on Salon : In today's GOP, you don't need to hold an office in order to have power. When he leaves the Senate and starts running the conservative Heritage Foundation, his "power won't wane at all—and,... More »

Jim DeMint Leaving the Senate

He'll become head of the Heritage Foundation

(Newser) - Jim DeMint is resigning his Senate post so he can take a gig as president of the conservative Heritage Foundation, he announced today. DeMint will step down in early January, the Wall Street Journal reports. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will appoint an interim replacement until a special election can... More »

Conservatives' Faith in Science Failing: Study

But then, they're probably skeptical of this study, too

(Newser) - Conservatives have become less likely to trust science over the past 40 years—especially if they're educated, according to a new study. The study looked at the General Social Survey, which began asking Americans how they felt about science in 1974. Back then, conservatives were the biggest believers in... More »

Conservative Group Warns of Nuclear 'EMP' Attack

A bomb could wipe out US electronics

(Newser) - If the threat of conventional attacks by terrorists aren't enough for you, consider the EMP scenario. Bad guys detonate a nuclear weapon high above US soil, triggering an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out all electronics and renders the US helpless. The conservative Heritage Foundation is so worried it's calling on... More »

Weyrich, Who Coined 'Moral Majority,' Dead at 66

Conservative thinker gave name to movement key in GOP rise

(Newser) - Paul Weyrich, the influential conservative who co-founded the Heritage Foundation and coined the term “moral majority,” died today at 66, the Washington Post reports, after years of poor health. A reporter, Weyrich got his Washington entree in 1967 as press secretary for a Colorado senator. At a 1979... More »

Dems and the Rich: Not Such Strange Bedfellows

They represent 58% of wealthy districts: study

(Newser) - Apparently it's not such an anomaly when Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer comes to the defense of private equity partners fighting to keep their tax breaks. Contrary to their reputation as the champions of the poor and middle class, Democrats now represent a majority of the nation's richest congressional districts, according... More »

Secret Poll: Cubans Want Vote

Three-quarters would like say in Castro succession

(Newser) - Three-quarters of Cubans surveyed in an unorthodox poll want to vote on Fidel Castro’s successor, 79% say the current government can't fix the country’s problems, and 83% want changes in the economic system, USA Today reports. The 600 respondents weren’t told they were being polled—and the... More »

Robertson Backs Rudy; Brownback, McCain

Mitt's the loser as religious right lines up

(Newser) - Two Christian leaders took sides in the GOP primary today: Pat Robertson chose Rudy Giuliani and Sam Brownback went for John McCain. The far-right electorate has been generally despondent about its primary choices, and the endorsements are seen as major coups for socially liberal Giuliani and down-but-not-out McCain, Politico reports. More »

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