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New at Westin Hotels: Communal Sports Bras

...along with sneakers and shirts you can borrow to work out in

(Newser) - With precious little room in their carry-ons, many travelers are willing to leave their sneakers at home and skip their workouts while traveling—but are they also willing to wear communal sneakers and sports bras? The Westin thinks so, and it's launched a free "gear-lending" program that does just... More »

1 of 4 Men Travel With Cuddly

Biz guys tote teddy bears

(Newser) - One out of four adult men travel with a secret tucked away in their suitcases—a special stuffed animal. That's what hotel chain Travelodge found out by tracing back to their owners the 75,000 teddy bears left behind in hotel rooms each year. Interested in how many of the... More »

Most Annoying People You Meet on Planes

From the smug first-class traveler to loud babies

(Newser) - There are lots of reasons to dislike getting on an airplane; herewith, Guyism points out the most annoying types of people you’ll run into as you fly the friendly skies:
  • The first-class flier: Sorry, Jeff Wysaski writes to “this smug assembly of businessmen, trust fund kids and trophy
... More »

Rise of the One-Day Biz Trip

Even long-distance travelers avoiding hotel stays

(Newser) - As businesses cut costs, more employees are traveling—even overseas—without staying overnight. “I'm not sure everybody has the stamina to get up at 4 AM for a 6 AM flight and get home at 9," said one traveler—who totaled 100,000 miles last year but only... More »

'Fun' Cities Forbidden for Federal Travel

(Newser) - Government agencies have been warned not to hold meetings in cities employees might actually enjoy visiting, the Wall Street Journal reports. Places like Reno, Orlando, and Las Vegas are all considered untouchable. “We do have guidance that says avoid locations … that give the appearance of being lavish,”... More »

Businesses Fight to Keep Corporate Flight Info Private

(Newser) - Business execs who jet around in private planes are fighting to keep their flights secret, reports ProPublica. After a freedom-of-information request from ProPublica, the FAA agreed to change policy and reveal which businesses are allowed to keep their flight records out of public databases. Before the information came out, however,... More »

More Cuts Await Slumping Airlines

Delta, AA among carriers who can't cover costs

(Newser) - As rising oil prices and sluggish demand continued to hammer the airline industry, Delta, American, and several other carriers forecast further cuts to service yesterday, reports the Wall Street Journal. Despite massive reductions in service, CEOs said at an industry meeting that they still aren't covering costs. "Earnings are... More »

Hurting Hawaii Appeals to Obama for Help

Tourism tanking, state leaders urge prez not to block biz travel

(Newser) - Hawaii is asking its most famous son to stop bad-mouthing business travel, the Los Angeles Times reports. The state's tourism industry has seen its worst winter in years. State leaders, believing at least some of the decline comes from hardening attitudes toward business travel after corporate bailouts, are urging President... More »

Sexy Image Hurts Vegas as Companies Back Off

Sin City bad match for chastened America

(Newser) - Las Vegas has spent years feasting on its naughty image, but Sin City is going hungry in hard times, BusinessWeek reports. Home prices are at half their 2006 peaks, and unemployment has hit a lofty 9.1%. Vegas is reminding businesses that it’s still an attractive convention destination, but... More »

Delta Adds WiFi to Whole Fleet

Become first major airline to wirelessly enable its entire fleet by 2009

(Newser) - Unholster your Blackberry and sharpen your stylus; Delta will become the first major airline to offer Internet access across its entire 330-plane fleet by next summer, the Wall Street Journal reports, driven by the proliferation of handheld wireless devices and a desire among business passengers to keep working. Delta surveyed... More »

How to Curb Rental Car Costs

Car-rental deals just a mouse-click away

(Newser) - With $4 gas, shrinking competition, and airport fees, finding an affordable road-trip rental can be challenging. Travel and Leisure offers these tips to curb costs.
  • Avoid airport rentals: Rent your car from downtown and avoid airport fees that add 25% to 45% to your bill.
  • Ditch the rental specifics in
... More »

For Hotels, Upgrades at Top Boost Bottom Line

Making suites even sweeter has trickle-down effect to lower income brackets

(Newser) - Luxury hotels are spending money to make money, but the dollars aren’t flowing into the average traveler’s quarters, the Wall Street Journal reports. With competition growing and demand for rooms lacking, hotels are burnishing their top suites—some costing $30,000 a night—hoping the added glitz will... More »

Weary Travelers Offer 12 Good Lessons

Columnist pumps experts for hard-earned knowledge, tips

(Newser) - MSNBC travel columnist Christopher Elliott asks those sulky veterans of the airways— business travelers—for their best tips on making life on the road tolerable:
  1. Expect nothing, and you won't be disappointed.
  2. Be nice. It can't hurt, and it might even help.
  3. Never pay cash—credit cards offer some protection
... More »

World Gets Wise to Jetsetters

Hotels, airports, work to please mobile businessmen

(Newser) - With laptops roughly as common as toaster ovens, business people are ready to work anywhere. Now, hotels and airports are scrambling to make sure anywhere is ready for them, the Times reports. Studying jetsetter habits, hotels are putting outlets in easy reach, attaching desks to beds and chairs, and most... More »

Southwest Unveils Perks for Biz Flyers

Carrier guarantees priority boarding, throws in a cocktail

(Newser) - Southwest unveiled today a raft of new initiatives designed to shore up revenue, including new pricing plans that benefit business travelers. The discount carrier’s new “business select” program will price seats $10-30 higher than regular fares. In exchange, Southwest, which doesn’t assign seats on its flights, will... More »

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