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Police Know What Killed 6 Teens in Garden Shed

It was carbon monoxide poisoning: cops

(Newser) - Six teenagers found dead Sunday in Bavaria died from carbon monoxide poisoning, authorities have confirmed. The teens, all aged 18 or 19, had been using a gasoline-powered generator inside a garden shed where they were holding a small birthday party on Saturday. The AP reports the generator wasn't approved... More »

He Fled Germany in 1933. Now His Heirs Want His Paintings

Alfred Flechtheim's heirs claim 8 paintings were sold under duress after 1933

(Newser) - Renowned German art dealer Alfred Flechtheim had been named part of the "Jewish world conspiracy" in the Nazi press even before 1933, so when Adolf Hitler came to power, he chose to flee, and died 4 years later in London, reports Courthouse News . His art collection remained in Berlin... More »

1 Dead in Knife Attack at German Train Station

Suspect injured 3 others; motive unclear

(Newser) - A German man was arrested after several people were stabbed at a train station in the "absolutely peaceful little Bavarian town" of Grafing, 20 miles east of Munich, early Tuesday. One 56-year-old victim died in a hospital and three men—aged 43, 55, and 58—were wounded. One reportedly... More »

German Trains Crash Head-On, With Deadly Results

Death toll stands at 9

(Newser) - "This is the biggest accident we have had in years in this region," said a German police rep of a deadly head-on collision involving two regional trains around 7am local time today. German police say the death toll in Bad Aibling, Bavaria, has risen to nine, with the... More »

German State Threatens Government Over Migrants

Bavaria calls influx of migrants 'massive, uncontrolled'

(Newser) - The German state of Bavaria is threatening to go rogue against the federal government over the ongoing arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees, Reuters reports. Approximately 200,000 migrants have entered Germany since the start of September—mostly from Austria, which shares a border with Bavaria—and... More »

Archaeologists Uncover World's Oldest ... Pretzel

250-year-old treat among burnt breakfast found in Bavaria

(Newser) - Archaeologists digging in Germany's state of Bavaria probably weren't expecting to find a snack. But that's exactly what turned up last summer at a site in Regensburg on the Danube River, a location that had previously given up the remains of some gallows and a 1,200-year-old... More »

Pics Show POWs Performing in Nazi Camp

Germany used Oflag VII-A to dupe the Red Cross

(Newser) - Photos have emerged from a Nazi POW camp that show officers performing theater and playing music—signs that Germany used the camp to help conceal the Holocaust, Der Spiegel reports. Reports of Polish officers enjoying some cultural life at Oflag VII-A, in Murnau, Germany, have circulated for years, but were... More »

Hitler's Mein Kampf Getting Republished

Germany prepares as copyright expires

(Newser) - German readers will soon be able to get their hands on something that hasn't been available since the end of World War II: a new edition of Hitler's Mein Kampf. The state of Bavaria holds the copyright and has effectively blocked any new prints over the decades, explains... More »

Igloo Church Opens in Bavaria

Holy house of snow boasts 60-foot tower

(Newser) - Bavarian villagers have built a church of snow and ice, a century after their forebears did the same to protest the town's lack of a place of worship. The 65-foot long church in the mountain village of Mitterfirmiansreut was built using 49,000 cubic feet of snow, as well... More »

Bones of Hitler Deputy Exhumed, Burned

Rudolf Hess's grave had become pilgrimage site for neo-Nazis

(Newser) - The bones of Adolf Hitler's deputy have been removed from their grave in a small Bavarian town after it became a pilgrimage site for neo-Nazis. The administrator of the cemetery in Wunsiedel told the AP today that Rudolf Hess' bones were exhumed early yesterday. The remains were cremated and... More »

Germans Rail Against Sexy Oktoberfest Outfits

Updates on traditional trecht garb annoys Bavarians

(Newser) - Oktoberfest has exploded from a provincial southern German celebration to an internationally celebrated phenomenon, and a lot of Bavarians can’t stand it, the Wall Street Journal reports. “It’s become like Mardi Gras—it’s appalling,” says one Munich tailor. She, and many fellow residents, are especially... More »

German Chapel Becomes Neo-Nazi Shrine

Church built with stones quarried by Jewish slaves

(Newser) - A German chapel built using ruins from Hitler's luxury retreat has become a hit with neo-Nazis. The Bavarian government only recently acknowledged that marble blocks and stones quarried by Jewish slaves in Hitler's Berghof in Berchtesgaden were used to build Wegmacher Chapel in 1997. Now leather-jacketed "pilgrims" with shaved... More »

Oktoberfest Brews Gotta Be 'Poundable'

A tasting panel names the best in Bavarian style

(Newser) - To wash down sausages, sauerkraut, and pretzels, Oktoberfest beer must flow like a dinner wine: "Worthy of attention without demanding to be the center of attention," writes Eric Asimov in the New York Times. And with festive consumption measured in liters, it must also be "poundable."... More »

German Man: 'Rockefeller' Is My Brother

Con man ran away from Bavaria in 1978, presumed relative says

(Newser) - A German man has identified mysterious con artist Clark Rockefeller as his long-lost brother, the Boston Globe reports. Shown photos of the accused kidnapper, Alexander Gerhartsreiter identified him as Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, who left Germany in a student exchange program in 1978 and hasn’t been heard from since 1985.... More »

GI Killed by German Police

Soldier held former girlfriend hostage, threatened cops with assault rifle

(Newser) - A US Army soldier stationed in Germany was shot and killed by local police after holding his ex-girlfriend hostage, the New York Times reports. The unnamed soldier was located after the woman escaped; when he threatened a SWAT unit with an assault rifle, he was shot, and later died at... More »

King Ludwig Death Probed Anew

Bullet holes in coat suggest murder over official version of suicide

(Newser) - A Munich banker has added fuel to theories that Bavaria's "Mad" King Ludwig II, thought to have committed suicide by drowning, was assassinated in 1886, Der Spiegel reports. When Detlev Utermöhle was 10, a countess close to Ludwig's family showed him the coat Ludwig wore the night he... More »

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