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Doctors Save Boy—After Finding Chopstick in Brain

It went up his nose when he fell

(Newser) - He's OK now, but a toddler in China went 10 days with part of a chopstick in his brain. It seems young Hanhang tripped and fell with the chopstick in his hand, and it went straight up his nose, according to a report by Central European News spotted by... More »

'Smart Chopsticks' Can Detect Bad Food

Chinese invention started out as April Fool's joke

(Newser) - In a country with as many tainted food scandals as China, using "smart chopsticks" could be a pretty wise move. Baidu, the Internet giant nicknamed "China's Google," unveiled the utensils at its annual conference in Beijing this week, explaining that they could detect tainted products like... More »

Tree-Hugging Bra Hits Japan

Eco-friendly product features chopstick compartment

(Newser) - The latest weapon in the fight to save trees? The Chopstick Bra, which offers a handy pouch to slide chopsticks into. Each Japanese citizen goes through 200 pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks in a year—a grand total of 25 billion pairs nationwide. One lingerie company is responding with the... More »

3 Stories