LaGuardia Airport

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3 Pilots Injured at LaGuardia by Guy With Laser Pointer

Suspect charged with shining beam at aircraft

(Newser) - A Bronx man who lives about 10 miles from LaGuardia whiled away the hours last night by pointing a laser beam at aircraft landing and taking off at the airport, police say. End result: three pilots with injuries to their eyes, along with a slew of serious charges for the... More »

Another Terrifying Plane Landing

At least 10 injured as Southwest plane's landing gear collapses at LaGuardia

(Newser) - There was another too-dramatic plane landing last night, this time at New York's LaGuardia Airport, where the landing gear on a Southwest plane collapsed. Injury reports vary—the Wall Street Journal puts the figure at "more than 10", and says six passengers and three crew members have been... More »

On Edge, Boston Takes Issue With 2 Flights

LaGuardia temporarily evacuated today, too

(Newser) - With tensions running high in a city with good reason to be edgy, two flights at Boston's Logan Airport raised concerns this morning: A US Airways flight from Philadelphia was evacuated soon after landing in Boston after a suspicious bag was found, NBC 10 Philadelphia reports. State police tell... More »

Runaway Dog Stalls NYC Flights

Pup escapes cage to run free on LaGuardia runway

(Newser) - A free-spirited Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy briefly brought New York City's LaGuardia Airport to a standstill yesterday after escaping from her crate as it was being loaded onto a plane. Several flights were delayed as 14-month-old Byrdie ran loose on the runway and tarmac area before being corralled with the... More »

Pilot Gets Stuck in Bathroom ... and Terror Scare Ensues

A helpful passenger tries to help out ... in an accented voice

(Newser) - Who would have thought a jammed bathroom door could lead to a terror scare? The New York Post has the comical tale of a Chatauqua Airlines pilot who, on an Asheville to New York City flight, jammed the bathroom door and found himself trapped—as the plane was in a... More »

1.5M Lose Power in Storm; Thousand Flights Snarled

'This is very, very unusual': meteorologist

(Newser) - A rare October snowstorm has rolled up the East Coast and knocked out power to some 1.5 million people, MSNBC reports. The snowfall and ferocious winds have also delayed flights in Newark, New York, and Philadelphia—some by up to 6 hours. One live tracking site has tweeted more... More »

New Yorkers Taking $5K Cab Ride to Los Angeles

They talked taxi driver into journey at LaGuardia

(Newser) - Two New York City residents hailed a cab at LaGuardia last weekend and asked the driver to go 3,000 miles west. He complied, and the three are expected to arrive in Los Angeles this weekend. Investment banker John Belitsky is picking up the $5,000 tab for the epic... More »

World's Most Terrifying Airports

From New York City to New Zealand, the scariest places to take off and land

(Newser) - If you're already afraid of flying, go watch this video of a frolicking baby lamb . If you're feeling tough, enjoy SmarterTravel's picks for the 10 most frightening airports in the world:
  • Barra Airport, Barra, Scotland: The world's only commercial beach airport. "Passengers can expect to arrive safely on one
... More »

Most Delayed Flights Come From New York

Forty-one of top 50 start or end at LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark

(Newser) - A whopping 41 of the 50 most chronically delayed flights in the nation start or end at one of New York City’s three airports, according to data compiled from Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Though New York flights make up only about 12% of air traffic, they account for almost... More »

LaGuardia Suspect Faces 7 Years Over Fake Bomb

Scott McGann charged with placing a fake bomb, making terrorist threats

(Newser) - The man who entered LaGuardia airport with what could barely be described as a fake bomb has been charged with making a terrorist threat and placing a phony bomb, the New York Post reports. Scott McGann, 32, faces about 7 years in jail if convicted for the stunt that caused... More »

'Spaced Out' LaGuardia Suspect Identified

Man has three prior NY arrests

(Newser) - Police have identified the man who staged a bomb scare this morning at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, the New York Daily News reports. Before his run-in with police, Scott McGann, 32, had already attracted the attention of observers by appearing “intoxicated” and “spaced out.” Cops tackled... More »

Newark Tops Worst Airport List

(Newser) - With summer vacations increasing your chances of an extended stay at an airport, Travel + Leisure offers its annual list of airports likely to leave you grounded. The good news? Airports are getting better; even this year’s “winner” improved its delays by 3%. The list:
  1. Newark: That 3%
... More »

NYC to Kill 2K Geese Near Main Airports

Bird strike that brought down Flight 1549 inspires hunt to kill 2K Canada geese

(Newser) - Sully's revenge: Authorities are going to round up and kill up to 2,000 Canada geese near JFK and LaGuardia airports, reports the New York Post. A bird strike led to pilot Chesley Sullenberger's unexpected detour on the Hudson in January, and the city and Port Authority want to lower... More »

Second Engine Recovered From Hudson River

Couric lands first interview with Flight 1549's hero captain

(Newser) - The left engine of Flight 1549 was pulled from the Hudson River this afternoon, days after it was located with sonar, NY1 reports. Divers had held off on the recovery because of cold weather; warmer temperatures today allowed them to reach the engine and hoist it out of the water... More »

Hudson Survivors Nearly Charged Cancellation Fees

Passengers Spirit put on downed jet had uphill battle in getting out of return ticket

(Newser) - An airline that canceled its own flight and placed passengers on US Airways 1549 will not, after all, charge them for canceling their return trip, WTIC-TV reports. “I need your credit card number,” a passenger on the jet that ditched in the Hudson River recalls a representative of... More »

Both Engines Missing From US Airways Plane

Search continues in Hudson; investigators plan to fish jet out tomorrow

(Newser) - The US Airways plane that ditched in the Hudson River yesterday is missing both engines, crucial clues in the investigation, the New York Times reports. Police divers aided by sonar are searching for them even as officials prepare to hoist the plane out of the water tomorrow. Investigators needs them... More »

Both Pilots Did 'Superb' Job With Little Training

(Newser) - So how much training do pilots get on how to land on the water? Almost none, writes pilot Patrick Smith, who shelves his regular Salon column this week to offer insights on the Hudson crash-landing. Among them:
  • Pilots can read up on how to perform these so-called "ditchings,"
... More »

Passengers Rescued From Frigid Hudson

(Newser) - It appears all 155 passengers and crew survived today’s crash of a US Airways flight from LaGuardia Airport into the Hudson River off Manhattan, WINS-AM reports. For photos of the the remarkable rescue, as the plane drifted down river and took on water, click on the image control; for... More »

Pilot Emerges as Hudson Hero

(Newser) - A portrait of a hero is emerging from today's jet crash on the Hudson. The pilot, 57-year-old Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, is drawing praise not only for his "masterful" landing without engines but for his calm actions afterward to make sure his passengers were OK, the Daily News reports.... More »

Rikers Island Geese Get Early Blame for Crash

(Newser) - The FAA cautions that it's too early to pinpoint the cause of today's jet crash, but early reports have focused on a flock of geese. Such bird strikes—they get sucked into the engines—are an increasingly familiar problem for pilots, the Daily News reports. LaGuardia in particular is plagued... More »

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