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Fargo Shaken by First Line-of-Duty Cop Death Since 1882

Suspected shooter was found dead the next day

(Newser) - The death of a Fargo police officer in the line of duty has shaken the city, North Dakota's largest. Officer Jason Moszer, 33, died Thursday of a gunshot wound suffered while responding to a domestic disturbance hours earlier. The six-year veteran of the force, who had a wife and... More »

University of ND Has New, Non-'Hostile' Nickname

It's now the Fighting Hawks

(Newser) - University of North Dakota backers have selected Fighting Hawks as the school's new nickname, the school announced Wednesday. The predatory bird received 57% of the mascot vote compared to 43% for Roughriders. The new nickname replaces Fighting Sioux, which was retired by the state Board of Higher Education in... More »

Breaking Bad, Modern Family Grab Top Emmys

They win best drama, best comedy series

(Newser) - Seth Meyers opened tonight's Emmy Awards with quite a few jokes about the fact that the ceremony was held on a Monday night rather than a Sunday night before opening things up to the first presenter: none other than Amy Poehler, who handed out the night's first award,... More »

Single Mom Returns Wallet With $1K

Fargo woman said, 'God is really testing me today'

(Newser) - A single mother in Fargo says she hoped to set an example for her 7-year-old daughter when she returned a wallet containing $1,000 that the two found while running errands. Sadie Hill and her daughter, Adalee, found the wallet earlier this week in a parking lot. Hill said she... More »

Sheriff Orders Locals to Flee Oil-Train Disaster

No one hurt, but official calls it a 'Hazmat incident'

(Newser) - Residents of a North Dakota town are being told to evacuate after train cars carrying crude oil jumped the tracks and exploded into flames, Valley News Live reports. No one was hurt when the cars were hit by an oncoming train near Fargo, WDay News 6 reports, but the accident... More »

Winter Storms Bring 100-Car Pileup in Fargo

Major highways closed as some areas get 2 feet of snow

(Newser) - A blizzard in North Dakota led to a 100-vehicle pileup on I-94, KFYR-TV reports. Drivers were stranded for hours near Fargo with visibility less than 10 feet in some areas. “It was a little surreal there for a while,” said one observer. No life-threatening injuries have been reported.... More »

Third of US Faces Floods This Spring

Rains, wet winter, expected El Nino delivering deluge

(Newser) - In the latest climate calamity to cause misery, a third of the US is expected to be hit with flooding this spring. The Midwest, followed by the East Coast, will likely bear the brunt of what could be record flooding, brought by heavy rains last autumn, a wetter-than-usual winter, and... More »

Directors Who Should Go Sci-Fi

Coen brothers, Scorsese, Tarantino could give Cameron a run

(Newser) - With Avatar whipping up Oscar buzz for James Cameron, io9 nominates five great directors who could make magic with the “wondrous freedoms” available in the science-fiction genre:
  • Paul Greengrass: The man behind The Bourne Ultimatum thrives on a “mixture of chaos and intimacy”—perfect to document the
... More »

Red Panda Has Rare Triplets in Fargo

(Newser) - Red panda mom Shan Tou has surprised zoo keepers in Fargo, ND, by giving birth to triplets, InForum reports. “This is huge," a Red River Zoo executive said. Red pandas, an endangered species, often have one or two cubs, but triplets are rare. "It’s been 10... More »

Flooding Threatens Another ND Town

(Newser) - Earthmoving equipment and National Guard helicopters hauled sand today to reinforce leaky dikes that prompted evacuations in Valley City, a town threatened by the Sheyenne River, the latest North Dakota stream to rise above its banks. The Sheyenne was headed for a crest at around 22 feet in the next... More »

Blizzard Pounds Fargo, but Dikes Hold

(Newser) - Strengthening wind blew heavy, wet snow around Fargo today, adding to the strain on residents' spirits and on the patchwork system of sandbag levees protecting them from the bloated Red River. But there were no reports of problems from leaks or from wind-driven waves battering the dikes. “They say... More »

Fargo Braces for Snow as Floods Ease

Winter weather could cause waves to batter sandbag levees

(Newser) - Just as the Red River began retreating from Fargo's hastily fortified levees, the city's tired residents stared down a winter storm today that's expected to bring up to 14 inches of snow and wind-whipped waves that could worsen the flooding, the AP reports. Engineers aren't worried about the snowfall, but... More »

More Levees Doomed: Fargo Mayor

(Newser) - The bloated Red River briefly breached a dike early today, pouring water into a school campus in Fargo, ND. The mayor called it a "wakeup call" for a city that needs to be vigilant for weaknesses in levees that could give way at any time. "The campus is... More »

Fargo River May Have Already Peaked

(Newser) - The bloated Red River might already have crested lower than initially feared, forecasters said today, welcome news for weary residents and others who had spent days piling sandbags onto dikes against an expected record flood. Despite the downward revision in the forecast, however, North Dakota officials still intensified their efforts... More »

Thousands Flee Fargo Flooding

(Newser) - Thousands of shivering, tired Fargo residents got out while they could today, and others prayed that miles of sandbagged levees would hold as the surging Red River threatened to unleash the biggest flood North Dakota's largest city has ever seen. The crest is expected tomorrow evening, when the ice-laden river... More »

Fargo Floodwater Breaks Record, Erodes Dike

Police evacuate 150 homes amid 'significant leak'

(Newser) - The Fargo-area Red River broke a 112-year-old record this morning and was eroding a dike south of downtown, forcing authorities to rouse occupants of about 150 homes and begin evacuating them in the middle of the night, the AP reports. The Red River has risen to 40.32 feet, more... More »

Fargo's Flood Forecast Worsens

(Newser) - The forecast in Fargo is actually getting worse. The Red River may crest at a potentially catastrophic 43 feet this weekend—2 feet higher than previous warnings, ABC News reports. "We're in uncharted territory," said the mayor, as volunteers raced to raise the levees in the North Dakota... More »

North Dakota Braces for Record Floods

Fargo residents battle freezing weather to shore up wall of sandbags

(Newser) - North Dakota officials issued a plea for thousands more sandbaggers this morning as residents scrambled to prepare for record flooding expected this weekend, reports ABC News. Volunteers in Fargo are battling a blizzard to raise a wall of sandbags along the Red River, predicted to crest at a new high... More »

Fargo Scrambles to Prevent Flooding

Red River could see record overflow

(Newser) - Minnesota and North Dakota work crews joined volunteers today to build levees and sandbag walls as a storm threatened to cause flooding, Inforum reports. Locals living along Red River are bracing for as much as 1 inch of rain tonight from a storm expected to last 2 days, causing river... More »

Upper Midwest Stymied by Snow

Fargo to residents: Just stay home

(Newser) - Heavy snow driven by wind gusting to 40mph closed courts, clinics, and businesses and shut down a major highway across the Upper Midwest. Up to a foot of snow was forecast today for parts of eastern North Dakota. The National Weather Service posted blizzard warnings and winter storm warnings for... More »

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