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House Vote Sets Up Trump's Second Veto

Lawmakers vote 247-175 to end support for Yemen war

(Newser) - The House on Thursday voted to end American involvement in the Yemen war, rebuffing the Trump administration's support for the military campaign led by Saudi Arabia, the AP reports. The Senate did the same in March , and the bill now heads to President Trump, who is expected to veto... More »

Trump Uses His First Veto Over Border Wall Funding

It doesn't appear the Senate has enough votes to override

(Newser) - President Trump on Friday vetoed a congressional attempt to keep him from obtaining funding for a wall at the Mexico border. The "reckless" resolution would endanger Americans, he said at the Oval Office ceremony, reports the Hill . "Congress has the freedom to pass this resolution, and I have... More »

Senate Poised to Deliver Another Rebuke of Trump

Resolution to end Saudi-led war in Yemen expected to pass Wednesday

(Newser) - President Trump's first veto is on the horizon. The Senate will vote Wednesday on a resolution demanding that the US end its military support of the devastating Saudi-led war in Yemen. The bipartisan resolution invoking the War Powers Act, seen as a rebuke of Trump, passed 56-41 in December... More »

Obama Will Veto 9/11 Saudi Lawsuits Bill

White House says it could harm US interests

(Newser) - President Obama has used his veto 11 times without being overridden, but he may not be so lucky with No. 12. The White House says Obama plans to veto a bill that would allow 9/11 survivors and families to sue Saudi Arabia for damages, Reuters reports. The bill passed the... More »

Obama's 'First Significant' Veto Holds

GOP-led Senate fails to get the two-thirds majority needed to override veto

(Newser) - The GOP-controlled Senate has, as expected, failed to override President Barack Obama's veto of a bill that would have green-lit the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Proponents of the bill have said since its introduction that they didn't have the vote of two-thirds of the Senate... More »

Obama to GOP: Don't Make Me Veto Spending Bill

Says GOP proposal goes too far

(Newser) - President Obama issued a formal statement yesterday threatening to veto any spending bill the House GOP devises that doesn’t meet his specifications. “If the president is presented with a bill that undermines critical priorities or national security … the president will veto the bill,” the statement read,... More »

GOP Repeal Chances Little Better Than Snowball in Hell

Need big gains in Congress ... and GOP president

(Newser) - While the idea of repealing the health-reform measure passed last night has Republicans buzzing nationwide, the actual chances of it happening are tiny, Nate Silver writes. At very least, nothing happens before January 2013, and that’s if President Obama and his veto are out of office. So from there,... More »

Obama Threatens First Veto Over Bailout Funds

(Newser) - Barack Obama appealed to Democrats in Congress today to allow the use of an additional $350 billion in federal bailout funds and vowed to veto any move to block the money. Obama met with lawmakers behind closed doors and backed up his plea with a promise to revise elements of... More »

House Votes to Let FDA Regulate Tobacco

Cigarettes would be controlled by FDA

(Newser) - The House passed landmark legislation yesterday to bring the tobacco industry under the regulatory control of the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA wouldn't have the power to ban cigarettes under the bill, but it could order nicotine levels in cigarettes reduced and restrict other harmful ingredients, reports the New ... More »

House, Senate Override Bush Veto on Medicare

Move means payments to doctors won't be cut by nearly 11%

(Newser) - Congress today overrode President Bush's veto of legislation on Medicare, ensuring that payments to doctors won't be cut by nearly 11%, CNN reports. The House voted 383-41, and the Senate followed 70-26 to override the president for only the fourth time during his presidency. Bush says the legislation doesn't address... More »

Huge Homeowner Aid Bill Nears Approval

Bipartisan support for action, despite veto threat

(Newser) - With 8,000 foreclosures daily and looming elections, Congress is close to approving the most sweeping changes to mortgage financing since the New Deal, reports the New York Times. The pricey aid bill aimed at helping hundreds of thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure has bipartisan support, despite the threat of... More »

Congressional Screwup May Force Farm Bill Do-Over

Pages missing from bill sent to Bush

(Newser) - A paper-shuffling error may force Congress to repeat its work on the $289-billion farm bill already passed—and vetoed by President Bush. The version of the bill sent to the president was missing a section, Reuters reports. That makes the president’s veto theoretically invalid. House Democrats tried to re-insert... More »

Congress Defies Bush on Funds

House votes $10 billion for domestic programs White house seeks to ax

(Newser) - The Democratic-controlled Congress has approved an extra $10 billion for education and health care, daring the White House to veto the extra funding for popular domestic programs that President Bush seeks to cut. The vote came as the Senate dealt the White House its first veto override on a water... More »

House Overrides Bush's Veto of Water Bill

Rejection is first of presidency; Senate likely to follow suit

(Newser) - The House overrode a presidential veto tonight for the first time in the Bush administration, with 138 Republicans crossing party lines to support a $23 billion water-resources bill. The 361-54 vote was far more than the two-thirds needed to override, reflecting the popularity on both sides of the aisle of... More »

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