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Why Consumers in India Will Love This Washing Machine

Panasonic washer has a 'curry' button, 'daily sari' setting

(Newser) - Consumers in India may have to pay a little more for a just-debuted Panasonic washing machine, but those desperate to get a certain type of stain out may find the appliance worth the extra outlay. In what Gizmodo UK calls the "corporate holy grail" of customer-tailored service, the electronics... More »

Go Ahead, Bend Panasonic's New Battery Over and Over

Flexible battery made for watches now, perhaps smartphones down the line

(Newser) - A flexible lithium-ion battery that can be used in a wide array of consumer devices may be closer to market than ever. At the Ceatac technology expo in Japan, Panasonic showed off its new bendable battery, for now designed for "card-type and wearable devices" such as watches and fitness... More »

As Violence Erupts, Panasonic, Canon Shut China Plants

Plants attacked by Chinese furious over islands

(Newser) - Increasingly violent protests triggered by a China-Japan island territorial dispute have convinced Panasonic and Canon to suspend operations at Chinese plants. The decision follows attacks on Panasonic factories by masses of protesters, reports the BBC . Canon plants and a Toyota dealership have also been targeted, according to local media. The... More »

Mini Japanese Robot Preps for Ironman Triathlon

Evolta has already climbed Grand Canyon

(Newser) - It’s no bigger than your hand, but a Panasonic robot is ready to take on a supersized task: The Evolta, which has already clambered up the walls of the Grand Canyon, will soon take on one of the hardest triathlon courses on the planet. Hawaii’s Ironman Triathlon “... More »

iPhone Users Have More Sex Partners

And Android users are chaste

(Newser) - If you're looking to get laid by a wider range of paramours, maybe you should trade in your Android for an iPhone. A new study shows that female iPhone users have an average of 12 sexual partners by age 30, and male iPhone users 10 partners, compared with six for... More »

3-D Glasses Here for the Long Haul

High-tech viewing will require low-tech eyewear for at least another decade

(Newser) - 3-D television is a reality: LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony will be selling sets by the end of the year. But they'll all require viewers to wear 3-D glasses to get the full effect. 3-D for the naked eye is under intense development that's expected to take at least another... More »

3-D TV Shows Promise, But Those Glasses Still a Must

You'll have stuff to watch next year—but you still need specs

(Newser) - Admit it, your heart skips a beat at the prospect of a 3-D high-definition TV in your own home. And by this time next year, Sony and Panasonic will have ‘em on the market. But—and it’s a big one, even after the cost—you’re going to... More »

TV to Go 3D in 2010

Manufacturers have the tech, but broadcasters lag

(Newser) - HDTV is about to become old hat. Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and JVC all intend to debut new 3D television sets next year. The manufacturers are likening the move to the standard-to-high-def switch—or even the shift from black-and-white to color. “TV finally becomes real,” a Panasonic VP tells... More »

Panasonic Cuts 15,000 Jobs

Company cuts 15,000 jobs, closes 27 plants as it restructures

(Newser) - A strong yen and softening consumer demand is prompting Panasonic to cut 15,000 jobs, close 27 plants, and restructure as it struggles to withstand burgeoning losses, reports the Wall Street Journal. The electronics company last quarter posted a $707.2 million net loss, and experts expect the downward trend... More »

Slump in TV Sales May Push Smaller Makers Out

Likes of Hitachi, Pioneer don't have staying power of Sony and other giants

(Newser) - A steep decline in demand for flat-panel TVs could push smaller manufacturers out of the market, the Wall Street Journal reports. As the economy sours and larger makers achieve economies of scale, the price gap between top brands and cheaper rivals has shrunken dramatically. The top five makers accounted for... More »

Toyota Working on Mass-Market Solar Car

Company believed to be trying to build first mass-market car running soley on sunshine

(Newser) - Toyota is trying to leapfrog rivals by developing a mass-market solar-powered car on the sly. The futuristic vehicle will get power from solar cells in the rooftop, providing enough energy to power only its accessories initially, reports Hybrid Cars News. The company is thought to be years away from creating... More »

Panasonic, Sanyo Merging Into Electronics Dynamo

(Newser) - Panasonic has begun a $9 billion takeover of Japanese rival Sanyo, hoping that transforming into one of the world's biggest electronics companies will help it weather the toughest business conditions in a century. Top shareholders, including Goldman Sachs, had been haggling over the price with Panasonic since last month, but... More »

Asian Stocks Dive

Gains of recent days wiped out as investors switch focus back to slumping economy

(Newser) - Dismal earnings predictions from major companies snapped a three-day gain in Asian markets, Bloomberg reports. Japan's Nikkei index skidded 6.5% after Hyundai, Panasonic, and Isuzu warned that the US slowdown would hit earnings. Hong Kong's Hang Seng dropped 6.4%, while News Corp's Australian shares took a 21% hit—... More »

Asia Markets Up, Down (Again)

Indexes rise after Wall St. rally and rate cut hopes, but fall on weak earnings reports

(Newser) - Markets across Asia rebounded today following a huge Wall Street rally and hopes of a drop in interest rates, but failed to hold on to some of their biggest gains as investors hedged against weak earnings reports from heavy hitters such as Panasonic and Sony, MarketWatch reports. Meanwhile, the Japanese... More »

A Midsummer Night's Screen: The Best Outdoor Projectors

A drive-in movie buff takes tech for a backyard test run

(Newser) - Though the drive-in movie theater has gone the way of the buffalo, Barry Sonnenfeld writes in Esquire, with the right projector you can recreate the outdoor film experience in your back yard. But take notice: A projector is only as good as the screen it’s projecting on, so make... More »

New HD Cameras Don't Cut It

Demands of high-definition video overwhelm these digital cameras

(Newser) - Many digital cameras also shoot video, and two new cameras from Kodak and Panasonic take that feature one step further by adding the capability to shoot high-definition footage. At price tags under $500, a fraction of an HD camcorder, the Kodak EasyShare V1073 and Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500 would seem too... More »

Plasma TV Back From the Dead

Finds niche in developing countries, but boom may not last

(Newser) - Plasma TV's rollercoaster ride continues as the technology given up for dead more than a year ago has made a booming sales comeback, Reuters reports. Demand in the developing world, especially in China, is driving the upswing. LCD technology seemed until recently to have trampled plasma, but it turns out... More »

Tech Doldrums Coming in '08

But 2009 will bring boom, predicts ABC 'Silicon Insider' Michael Malone

(Newser) - Expect a tech recession this year, says Michael Malone of He predicts a failure by Apple to produce any new blockbuster products, forcing it to compete on price and distribution—“not its greatest strengths”—and a “major stumble” by Google, for which he cites the... More »

Electronics Giants Join Forces

Panasonic, Hitachi, and Canon announce tie-up

(Newser) - Hitachi, Canon, and Panasonic have announced plans to work to together in moving flat-panel display technology forward, PC World reports. Competition is heating up in the industry, and the companies hope the alliance will accelerate development time. The firms will work together on LCD displays and organic light emitting diode... More »

Price War Moves High Def DVD Players

Competing HD-DVD and Blu-Ray makers drop prices under $200

(Newser) - Sales of high-definition DVD players have been languishing because customers were unwilling to choose one of the two competing formats—Blu-ray or HD DVD. But this holiday season may change that, with retailers dropping prices from upward of $400 to under $200, reports the Wall Street Journal. And Wal-Mart fueld... More »

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