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One President Leaves, Another Enters in South Africa

Cyril Ramaphosa set to take over after Jacob Zuma's resignation

(Newser) - South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa is in charge as acting president until parliament elects a new leader Thursday afternoon following the resignation of Jacob Zuma , the government says. The 400-member parliament, dominated by the ruling African National Congress party, is expected to select Ramaphosa to finish his predecessor's term,... More »

South Africa's President Zuma Resigns Amid Multiple Scandals

Calls to step down came from his own party

(Newser) - After eight scandal-plagued years, Jacob Zuma resigned as president of South Africa on Wednesday, CNN reports. The 75-year-old Zuma was ordered to repay millions last year after using public money to fix up his home. He also faces nearly 800 allegations of corruption going back decades. His party, the African... More »

An Attempt to Force Out the 'Teflon President'

Ruling party wants President Jacob Zuma to step down; 'defiant' Zuma says no

(Newser) - A "battle for the soul" of the African National Congress is taking place in South Africa, a political analyst tells the Guardian , which reports the ruling party is trying to force "Teflon President" Jacob Zuma to resign—a request the "defiant" Zuma is rejecting. In what CNN... More »

ANC Wins 5th Election in South Africa

Jacob Zuma's party holds on, but misses two-thirds majority

(Newser) - The party of President Jacob Zuma today coasted to its fifth consecutive election victory in South Africa, but missed a two-thirds majority and saw the main opposition party gain some ground, the Guardian reports. With more than 99% of votes counted, the African National Congress had 62.2% (a 3.... More »

Pistorius Dad Hit for 'Racist' Gun Comment

Seems Henke Pistorius didn't clear interview with 'media liaison team'

(Newser) - The Pistorius family has a "media liaison team," but Oscar's dad apparently didn't check in with said experts before talking to the Telegraph . The family is today distancing itself from Henke Pistorius' statement that some of the 55 guns owned by his family are used for... More »

Zuma Scrambles to Defuse Racial Tensions

S. Africa leader warns against violence after killing

(Newser) - South African President Jacob Zuma appealed for calm yesterday as growing racial tensions in South Africa sparked fears of violence in the wake of the killing of white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche. Zuma called the murder a "terrible deed" and urged South Africans not to fall prey to "agent... More »

Frail Nelson Mandela Won't Recreate Walk From Prison

91-year-old taking limited role in South Africa events

(Newser) - Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from a South African prison, but the 91-year-old won’t return to the site of his 27-year incarceration to join in a retracing of his steps to freedom over concerns that he’s too frail for the task. The abrupt... More »

Foe Rips Zuma as 'Sex Addict' Like Tiger Woods

South African President Needs Help, Says Disgusted Critic

(Newser) - Man-of-many-wives South African President Jacob Zuma is a "sex addict" who needs treatment like Tiger Woods, said a disgusted member of parliament after Zuma had his 20th child. The baby was born outside a generous wedlock that includes three wives (and another on the way). Zuma is coming under... More »

South Africa Rages as Canada Grants White Asylum

Charges of racism after one-man board approves refugee

(Newser) - A white South African man won asylum in Canada after a one-man immigration board ruled that his "fear of persecution by African South Africans" was justified, reports the Times of London. Brandon Huntley fled to Canada in April and told authorities he was attacked seven times by blacks calling... More »

Jacob Zuma Sworn In as South African Prez

ANC chief promises to fix economy, work for racial reconciliation

(Newser) - Jacob Zuma was sworn in as South Africa's new president in front of thousands of supporters in Pretoria today, the BBC reports. The African National Congress leader, whose election victory capped a huge comeback after accusations of rape and corruption dogged him for years, said today marks a "moment... More »

All 3 Wives to Join Zuma at Inauguration

South Africans left guessing which Zuma wife will be first lady

(Newser) - South Africa's polygamous president-elect has confounded media speculation by inviting all three of his wives to his inauguration tomorrow, the BBC reports. Many had hoped the event would signal which wife would become the official first lady. Jacob Zuma has also invited his 19 children. It's uncertain whether all three... More »

S. African Parliament Elects Zuma

(Newser) - The South African parliament elected Jacob Zuma president today, and the country’s new leader will be inaugurated on Saturday, Reuters reports. Zuma’s ANC routed the opposition in last month’s election, and today’s election was expected. The new president will name a cabinet on Sunday; international watchers... More »

ANC Misses Two-Thirds Majority

Final results clear the way for Zuma presidency

(Newser) - The African National Congress easily won South Africa’s general election as predicted, but it failed to get a two-thirds majority that would have given it greater muscle, BBC reports. The ANC received 65.9% of approximately 17 million votes, putting Jacob Zuma in line to be president. A two-thirds... More »

Zuma Poised for Victory in South Africa

ANC wins big majority, but final result remains unclear

(Newser) - Jacob Zuma is on course to be the next president of South Africa, reports the Mail and Guardian, as early results from yesterday's election show his African National Congress capturing just under 65% of votes cast. While Zuma's victory was never in doubt, it remains uncertain whether the ANC will... More »

Record Turnout Predicted as South Africa Votes

Zuma heads for victory, but ANC may lose support

(Newser) - The polls have opened in South Africa's general election, with a record 23 million citizens expected to vote today. Jacob Zuma is all but guaranteed to become the country's next president, though strengthened opposition parties and voter frustration at corruption and crime have created the toughest challenge for his African... More »

Zuma Coasting to South African Presidency

Landslide predicted for ANC, but could lose parliamentary majority

(Newser) - With less than 24 hours to go before South Africa's fourth post-apartheid general election, polls confirm that Jacob Zuma will sail to victory as the country's new president. But while his African National Congress has gained votes in every election since 1994, allegations of corruption and a revitalized opposition may... More »

Mandela Backs Zuma in S. African Election

Former prez gets roaring approval from rally crowd

(Newser) - Even at 90, Nelson Mandela can still fire up a crowd, which was exactly what South African presidential nominee Jacob Zuma was counting on. The white-haired former president rolled into a stadium of 100,000 African National Congress supporters yesterday and sat on stage during Zuma's rally. Despite corruption scandals,... More »

Corruption Charges Dropped Against S. Africa's Zuma

Accusations against likely next prez were political: prosecutors

(Newser) - Corruption charges against South Africa’s likely next president, Jacob Zuma, have been dropped by prosecutors, the BBC reports. The head prosecutor said evidence from a tapped phone line proved that the 2007 charges, which were based on a 1999 arms deal, were politically motivated. Zuma, the head of the... More »

Mandela's Ex Poised for Return to Power

Critics none too pleased by new role for ex-convict Winnie

(Newser) - Placed high on her party’s list of future MPs, Nelson Mandela’s ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is set to return to a central role in South Africa’s government, the Guardian reports. Such a position is already sparking controversy surrounding Madikizela-Mandela's past—including a 2003 fraud conviction when she was... More »

Court Reinstates Corruption Case Against Zuma

Ahead of vote, would-be S. African prez faces 16 counts of fraud

(Newser) - Jacob Zuma, the leader of the African National Congress and the likely next president of South Africa, once again faces corruption charges after the country's top appeals court reinstated 16 counts of fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion today. The court reversed a bombshell ruling from last September that threw... More »

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