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Toyota Says Sayonara to Scion

Company will be phasing out brand, folding models into Toyota lineup

(Newser) - Toyota's Scion brand has been "euthanized," as Jalopnik puts it, with the car manufacturer announcing Wednesday the division will be killed, per a Toyota press release . The brand will be phased out, and existing models—including the MY17, FR-S sports car, iA sedan, iM hatchback, and C-HR... More »

Want a Traffic Ticket? Buy a Hummer

Drivers of burly SUV 4.63 times more likely than average to get in trouble with law

(Newser) - Hummers and Scion’s tC top a list of cars most likely to receive moving violations, the Los Angeles Times reports. A study links tickets to size and power—the Hummer is one of the biggest “cars” on the road—and driver age, which applies to the Scion, marketed... More »

Top Rides of 2008

Popular Mechanics rolls out 2008's hottest rides

(Newser) - Popular Mechanics test drove a fleet of upcoming cars and trucks to conceive this list of 2008's best rides, in ten categories:
  1. Design: Nissan GT-R
  2. Value: Scion xB
  3. Energy efficiency: GMC Yukon Hybrid and Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
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3 Stories