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This California Couple Uses Mind-Boggling Amount of Water

Megafarmers Lynda and Stewart Resnick have built a multi-billion dollar empire

(Newser) - While you may not be familiar with California power couple and megafarmers Lynda and Stewart Resnick, it's highly likely you've heard of some of the things they own. There's flower delivery service Teleflora; Fiji Water; Pom Wonderful juices; Halos mandarin oranges; groves upon groves of navels, grapefruits,... More »

Outrage After Whole Foods Puts Peeled Oranges in Plastic

Company has apologized for the 'mistake'

(Newser) - Nathalie Gordon was browsing through a Whole Foods store when she spotted something odd: peeled oranges packaged in plastic containers. While the store might've thought the items were convenient for customers, Gordon had a different take. "If only nature would find a way to cover these oranges so... More »

Florida's Oranges Could Vanish

Over 6 years, citrus greening cost state $4.5B and 8K jobs

(Newser) - Florida's $9 billion citrus industry is under threat from a disease called citrus greening, and this year's harvest has been the hardest hit yet, with production down 10% from initial estimates. Greening, which causes citrus fruit to become bitter and fall off trees before it's ripe, is... More »

Florida Oranges Freeze Solid

Cold wave inflicts significant damage on citrus crop

(Newser) - Florida citrus growers stayed up last night spraying their crop with water, and taking other measures to prevent freezing, as arctic air threatened to inflict significant damage on the orange crop. Losses to the citrus crop may hit 10% as the state sees its worst freeze since 1989. "There'll... More »

All That Folic Acid May Give You Cancer

Fortified cereals, breads, vitamins could overwhelm your liver

(Newser) - Health experts once trumpeted folic acid, but now warn against taking too much of a good thing, the Economist reports. For more than 10 years, aspiring mothers have been told to down double the recommended dose with vitamin pills, and some countries have added folic acid to grain products. It's... More »

Disease Threatens Florida Oranges

Scientists search for solutions to citrus greening disease

(Newser) - Florida’s orange growers face a powerful adversary in a disease know by its shorthand of HLB that causes citrus trees to “green”—produce only sour, misshapen fruit, Scientific American reports. With every county in the state affected, the citrus industry has dedicated $10 million this year alone... More »

Fla. Growers Fight Record Cold

State of emergency as temperatures plummet

(Newser) - Florida shivered last night  last night as a cold snap set new lows—35 degrees in Ft. Lauderdale—and threatened serious damage to crops. Farmers spent the night in the fields, spraying strawberries and oranges with water to create a protective glaze of ice. In  Plant City, dubbed the winter... More »

Florida Juicer Puts Squeeze on Foreign Oranges

Company launches anti-import ad campaign

(Newser) - A Florida orange juice producer is starting an ad campaign to put the squeeze on imported citrus. The campaign by Florida's Natural is aimed primarily at major juice makers such Tropicana and Minute Maid, which rely heavily on Mexico and Brazil for oranges, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The latter nation... More »

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