The Last Supper

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The Last Supper of Jesus Didn't Happen at a Table

And the menu was a little better than bread and wine

(Newser) - The image of the Last Supper as famously painted by Leonardo Da Vinci—Jesus and his followers seated around a large table, bread, wine—is a lasting one. It's also entirely inaccurate, according to two Italian archeologists. Discovery reports Generoso Urciuoli and Marta Berogno studied Jewish writings, ancient Roman... More »

We've Got Last Supper Date All Wrong: Prof

His explanation could provide a fixed date for Easter

(Newser) - Fascinating new information to keep in mind in the week leading up to Easter: Christians have been marking Jesus's Last Supper on the wrong day, according to a Cambridge professor. Rather than being held on Maundy Thursday, the day before Friday's crucifixion, the Last Supper actually occurred on... More »

Last Supper Portions Super-Sized Over Centuries

Research finds portion growth isn't new phenomenon

(Newser) - Painters have been piling increasingly generous portions on the plates of Christ and the apostles over the centuries, according to new research. The size of the main dish grew 70% and the size of the plates grew 66% between the years 1000 and 2000, researchers who analyzed dozens of depictions... More »

Vatican Stews Over Israel's Last Supper Fight

(Newser) - Israeli-Vatican tensions are expected to heat up yet again during Pope Benedict's visit today as the pontiff presses Catholic claims over a room in Jerusalem believed to be the site of Christ's last supper. The room is in a building that served for centuries as a mosque and is now... More »

'Gay Last Supper' Sparks Rage

Catholics upset over Vienna museum's painting of apostle orgy

(Newser) - A tiny Vienna museum with ties to the Catholic Church has became the target of worldwide outrage after displaying a homoerotic mural depicting the Last Supper, ABC News reports. The painting, by one of Austria's most cherished artists, shows naked apostles drinking and having an orgy. It has now been... More »

Music Decoded in Last Supper

Italian musician finds requiem hidden in famous fresco

(Newser) - Touting his find as a "real da Vinci code," an Italian musician claims to have found a musical score hidden by Leonardo da Vinci in The Last Supper.  "It sounds like a requiem," Giovanni Maria Pala tells the Discovery Channel, describing the short piece whose... More »

6 Stories