Hailey, Idaho

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Bergdahl's Hometown Cancels Celebration

Hailey, Idaho, says it's too small to host

(Newser) - When Bowe Bergdahl first got released, people back home in Hailey, Idaho, promised the "biggest welcome-home party the country has ever seen." But now the party's off, reports the Idaho Statesman . In its explanation, the tiny city makes no mention of the controversy swirling around Bergdahl—whether... More »

Taliban Hostage's Hometown Stayed Quiet on Kidnapping

(Newser) - The Taliban's capture of an American soldier in Afghanistan is old news for some residents of his hometown, but they kept quiet out of concern for his safety, the AP reports. The family of Bowe R. Bergdahl asked neighbors and other community members in Hailey, Idaho, not to discuss his... More »

Activists Push 'Grass' Roots Campaigns

Pot penalties go up in smoke in two municipalities

(Newser) - Two Rocky Mountain municipalities have pared back penalties for cannabis users, joining a growing group of US cities, Time reports. Hailey, Idaho (pop. 8,500) and Denver joined the list this week during elections. Voters in the Mile-High City, whose mayor has admitted past pot use, are letting users get... More »

3 Stories