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Nation's First Marijuana Cafe Opens in Portland

It welcomes those licensed to smoke it legally

(Newser) - A cafe in Portland, Oregon, made a little history yesterday when it became the first in the nation to legally open its doors to pot smokers. The Cannabis Cafe welcomes those who are licensed by the state to smoke marijuana for medical reasons. It doesn't sell pot to members—that's... More »

Pot Holiday Goes Mainstream

Goofy 'holiday' becomes touchstone for legalization advocates

(Newser) - Marijuana enthusiasts will toke up today in celebration of 420, the pot holiday that corresponds to the code for pot consumption across the nation, the Monitor reports. The term 420 was hatched in 1971 by a dozen high school pot smokers who used to meet at 4:20 in the... More »

Activists Push 'Grass' Roots Campaigns

Pot penalties go up in smoke in two municipalities

(Newser) - Two Rocky Mountain municipalities have pared back penalties for cannabis users, joining a growing group of US cities, Time reports. Hailey, Idaho (pop. 8,500) and Denver joined the list this week during elections. Voters in the Mile-High City, whose mayor has admitted past pot use, are letting users get... More »

3 Stories