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EU Antitrust Regulators Target Google

They say it discriminated against rivals in search results

(Newser) - Google is in hot water with EU antitrust authorities over allegations that it discriminated against rivals in its search results, and barred some websites from using rival ad services with its AdSense contracts. The European Commission will also investigate allegations that Google makes it difficult for advertisers to move data... More »

Feds Slap AmEx With Antitrust Suit

Just as Justice settles case against MasterCard, Visa

(Newser) - The Justice Department has hit American Express with antitrust charges today, just as it settles similar charges with Visa and MasterCard, reports the Wall Street Journal. The complaint centers around the uneven fees and rules AmEx imposes to "impede merchants from promoting or encouraging the use of a competing... More »

Microsoft Behind Court War on Us: Google

Google antitrust complaints linked to rival

(Newser) - As Google faces a slew of antitrust suits from US and European companies with connections to rival Microsoft, the search engine giant believes Microsoft is "scouring court dockets around the world looking for complaints against Google into which they can inject themselves," a Google spokesman tells the Wall ... More »

Monsanto Contracts Strangle Competition: Report

Licenses forbid mixing Monsanto genes with competitors'

(Newser) - Monsanto, the country’s dominant seed business, is squeezing competitors with stringent licensing agreements that protect its incredibly dominant position in the industry. Monsanto’s licenses prevent companies from breeding plants that contain both Monsanto’s genes and those of competitors, an AP investigation reveals, effectively locking competitors out of... More »

Cuomo Slaps Intel With Antitrust Suit

Says chipmaker paid kickbacks, strongarmed manufacturers

(Newser) - New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo filed an antitrust suit against Intel today, accusing it of “a worldwide, systematic campaign of illegal conduct.” Cuomo says Intel paid computer manufacturers billions in kickbacks provided they didn’t produce computers with rival chips. The money was disguised as “rebates,... More »

Microsoft Move Won't Derail Antitrust Case

Company has unfair advantage, European Commission says

(Newser) - The European Commission is moving forward with its antitrust case against Microsoft even after the company's promise to sell its Windows 7 operating system without Internet Explorer in Europe. The commission "notes with interest" Microsoft's announcement, CNET News reports, but adds that "Microsoft has apparently decided to supply... More »

Obama Antitrust Chief Gets Tough on Big Biz

In reversal of Bush policy, the DOJ will aggressively enforce anti-monopoly laws

(Newser) - The Obama administration’s top antitrust official plans to aggressively pursue a tougher enforcement policy to keep large corporations from dominating smaller rivals, the New York Times reports. In speeches today and tomorrow, Justice Department antitrust chief Christine Varney will announce the reversal of lax Bush-era antitrust policies, and encourage... More »

FTC Challenges Payments to Delay Generics

Deal to keep generic drug off the market is anti-competitive, regulators say

(Newser) - The Federal Trade Commission, pledging to oppose “pay-for-delay” agreements, filed suit against a brand-name testosterone-replacement drug manufacturer for paying three competitors to delay introductions of generic versions, the Washington Post reports. Nearly half of settlements between brand-name drug-makers and their generic counterparts in 2006 and 2007 resulted in such... More »

MasterCard to Pay Amex $1.8B

Antitrust settlement will help Amex defray losses as economy continues to drag

(Newser) - MasterCard will pay American Express $1.8 billion in 12 quarterly installments, settling a lawsuit that claimed it had blocked banks from offering American Express cards to customers, the Wall Street Journal reports. American Express said the antitrust settlement would "help to lessen the impact of this weakening economic... More »

Piles of Evidence Delay Intel Antitrust Trial

AMD has accused Intel of banned business moves

(Newser) - With countless documents and hundreds of witnesses to sort through, chip maker Advanced Micro Devices’ antitrust lawsuit against Intel won’t begin until 2010 at the earliest, the Wall Street Journal reports. AMD has long accused Intel of corrupt business practices; the delay comes after a Korean court ruled that... More »

Microsoft Faces New Suit on Competition

Small Norwegian company says industry giant stifles rivals

(Newser) - An independent Norwegian software company is taking on Microsoft in an antitrust complaint filed today with the European Commission. Opera charges the industry behemoth with monopolizing the market by packaging Windows with the Internet Explorer browser, Reuters reports. The moves comes three months after Microsoft had to pay a huge... More »

Justice Backs Microsoft in Antitrust Action

US opposes extension of scrutiny

(Newser) - Microsoft chief Bill Gates has a critical ally in the latest phase of his company's marathon antitrust suit—the Justice Department.  The agency is opposing court action by New York and California to extend judicial oversight of Microsoft's activities to 2012, reports the Wall Street Journal. Monitoring was part... More »

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