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TiVo Changes Tune, Plays Nice with Media

Banner ads, ratings welcome additions for network partners

(Newser) - TiVo isn’t a media pariah anymore, the New York Times reports, thanks to a series of moves to buddy up with networks it once scared. TiVo recently signed a deal to provide NBC with second-by-second ratings of programs, showing exactly which ads people are watching. It has also developed... More »

NBC Looks to TiVo to Help Sell Clients

Network is hoping to corral ad zappers by tapping DVR data

(Newser) - NBC Universal will begin using viewership data gleaned from TiVo digital video recorders beginning in January, making it the first of the major networks to have access to second-by-second ratings of programming and commercials from TiVo, reports the Wall Street Journal. The network hopes TiVo will help it develop effective... More »

Writers' Strike Could Send Soaps Down the Drain

Strike threatens an already troubled genre

(Newser) - The strike by the Writers Guild of America could leave an entire genre hanging by a bubble. Daytime soaps operas won't be sent into reruns immediately, like late-night talk shows, because  producers have scripts stockpiled. But the soaps have been hemorraghing viewers  for years, reports the Los Angeles Times, and... More »

3 Stories