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Family Regrets Selling Wall Street Journal to Murdoch

Bancrofts: If we knew then what we know now ...

(Newser) - Members of the family that sold the Wall Street Journal to Rupert Murdoch have a whole new kind of seller's remorse. Some in the Bancroft family tell Pro Publica they never would have agreed to sell the newspaper to Murdoch in 2007 if they knew the scope of News... More »

Cut the Charade: Let Rupert Have His Way With Journal

Let's stop kidding ourselves: he's taking it anyway

(Newser) - Let’s stop kidding ourselves, Jack Shafer writes in Slate: Rupert Murdoch is seizing control of the Wall Street Journal, and we might as well be done with the “Special Committee” that was supposed to protect editorial independence. The Bancroft family insisted on the creation of the board, which... More »

WSJ Oversight Panel Slams Editor's Ouster

Removal violated 'letter and spirit' of agreement with News Corp.

(Newser) - A committee formed to protect the editorial independence of the Wall Street Journal from Rupert Murdoch’s influence said today the solicited resignation of managing editor Macrus Brauchli violated an agreement with Murdoch's News Corporation, Reuters reports. The committee is supposed to review all high-level hirings and firings, but, as... More »

DJ Formally Approves Sale to News Corp.

Deal expected to close today

(Newser) - Dow Jones shareholders formally approved the company’s $5.6 billion sale to Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation; the closing is expected later today. The outcome was clear before today’s meeting, but the vote’s margin had been uncertain, as many Bancroft shareholders—whose voting stake was 64.2%—have... More »

Murdoch Surveys New Empire

Mogul plans all-out global fight vs. NY Times, Financial Times

(Newser) - As Rupert Murdoch celebrates his acquisition of Dow Jones, articles in the new jewel in his crown, the Wall Street Journal, and one of its biggest rivals, the New York Times, speculate about the future. They agree Murdoch will direct a titanic battle for ads and readers against both the... More »

Bancrofts Agree to Sale

Dow Jones 'will be part of News Corp.'

(Newser) - Enough members of the Bancroft family are supporting Rupert Murdoch's $5B bid for Dow Jones to seal the deal. The Wall Street Journal reports that 32% of the votes in its parent company are virtually guaranteed to Murdoch's News Corp.; the tycoon will likely be able to pick up the... More »

Murdoch Is 1 Bancroft Away from a Deal

News Corp.-Dow Jones agreement awaits decision by key holdout

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch is within a Bancroft's breadth of owning Dow Jones, the company's flagship Wall Street Journal reports. A 5pm deadline came and went yesterday without a deal, but the bid has the support of Bancroft family members holding 29% of voting power. If either of two key holdout shareholders... More »

Murdoch May Cancel Deal Without Votes

News Corp. 'highly unlikely' to buy Dow Jones at current level of support

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. may balk at a proposed $5B buyout of Wall Street Journal publisher Dow Jones unless more support emerges from the controlling Bancroft family, a spokesman said today. So far the family has promised about 28% of total Dow Jones votes to Murdoch's proposal, but News Corp.... More »

Battling Bancrofts Take Journal Deal Down to Wire

Deadline today on Murdoch's offer

(Newser) - The Bancroft family, which controls the majority of shares in Dow Jones, is so deeply divided over the proposed sale of the Wall Street Journal to Rupert Murdoch that the deal is still too close to call, the Journal reports. A decision on the $5 billion bid is set for... More »

Major Bancroft Branch to Nix Murdoch Offer

Family trust may force mogul to raise price for Journal

(Newser) - An important faction within the Bancroft family will vote against Rupert Murdoch’s controversial $5 billion deal for Dow Jones, instead demanding a significant increase of his offer. The Denver branch of the family, which owns a crucial 9.1% of Dow Jones voting stock, wants an extra $120 to... More »

Tears for Slain Reporter at Murdoch Meeting

But it would take only a few to deliver the paper into Murdoch's hands

(Newser) - Members of the controlling Bancroft family are at loggerheads over whether to sell the company to Rupert Murdoch, according to its jewel, the Wall Street Journal. At a meeting on Monday, some family members defended the deal while others insisted the move would compromise the storied paper—one family member... More »

Bancrofts Mull Murdoch Buyout

Final decision on offer expected by end of week

(Newser) - The Bancroft family met yesterday in Boston to consider Rupert Murdoch's $5B offer for Dow Jones, but is expected to take at least until Friday to vote on the deal, Reuters reports. Christopher Bancroft, who opposes the sale, showed up sporting a baseball cap with the words "Bite me"... More »

Low-Key Lawyer to Moderate Dow Buyout

Attorney will mediate Bancrofts sit-down, then tally the votes

(Newser) - One man stands between News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch and the Dow Jones-controlling Bancroft Family: a reserved, unassuming Boston lawyer named Michael B. Elefante, who has managed most of the Bancrofts' trust accounts for decades. Next week, beginning with Monday's strictly informational meeting, Elefante will mediate the $5B transaction. More »

Dow Jones Approves $5B Murdoch Deal

Journal takeover could still hit a wall with Bancroft famiy

(Newser) - Publisher Rupert Murdoch took a critical step towards control of the Wall Street Journal last night, as the Dow Jones board voted to approve a $5 billion sale of the company to the media magnate. Whether the majority-owning Bancroft family will also approve the deal is too close to call,... More »

Bancrofts Seek to Stymie Murdoch

Two family members try to thwart sale of Dow Jones to tycoon

(Newser) - Two members of the Dow Jones-controlling Bancrofts are making last-ditch efforts to block Rupert Murdoch from buying the Wall Street Journal publisher. Christopher Bancroft is frantically trying to gather the $2.55 billion he'd need to buy 51% of voting shares and block the sale on his own, while his... More »

Rivals Team Up on 11th-Hour Dow Offer

Greenspan, Burkle hatch partial buyout option for W SJ owner

(Newser) - Supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle and former MySpace CEO Brad Greenspan may join forces to make at least a partial bid for the Wall Street Journal's parent company, say sources close to the discussions. The pair met yesterday with members of the Dow Jones board to craft an alternative to Rupert... More »

Dow Makes Last-Ditch Play for New Offer

Board goes after alternatives to Murdoch sale

(Newser) - As Rupert Murdoch tries to finalize a deal to take control of Dow Jones, the company is making a last effort to find an alternate buyer, pushed by a holdout director, Leslie Hill, who's a member of the controlling Bancroft family. The Wall Street Journal reports that among those being... More »

Murdoch May Have Dow Jones

British mag reports talks are over; Journal publisher denies

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch has succeeded in his bid to take over Dow Jones, according to a report in a British financial magazine. The Wall Street Journal publisher is denying the report, although The Business cites inside sources who say the $5 billion deal will be formally announced next week. More »

Panel to Shield Journal Editors

In latest deal, hybrid board would hire and fire key staffers

(Newser) - A watchdog committee, not would-be owner Rupert Murdoch, would hire and fire editors under a tentative pact to protect the editorial independence of the Wall Street Journal,  a source familiar with details of the deal tells MarketWatch. Members of the panel would be chosen by Murdoch's News Corp., Dow... More »

Murdoch Says $5B Is Final Offer for Dow Jones

Mogul won't raise offer to push stalling Bancroft family

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch won't raise his $5B bid for Dow Jones, the media mogul said today. Murdoch deflected speculation that he would up the ante to move along negotiations with the openly skeptical Bancroft family, which owns a majority stake in the Journal publisher. Instead, Reuters reports, Murdoch is suggesting he... More »

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