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New Computers Will Learn, Change Their Minds

'Neuromorphic' processors resemble the biological nervous system

(Newser) - So are supercomputers really becoming more like human brains? Well, Japanese computer scientists have simulated cranial activity for one second, and now commercial chips are coming out that learn from their own mistakes, the New York Times reports. While today's computers are pre-programmed to perform operations with strings of... More »

Intel CEO to Step Down

After 40 years with the company, Peter Otellini retires

(Newser) - Intel CEO Paul Otellini will retire in May, ending a nearly 40-year stint at the company, including what will be eight years in the top job, the chip maker announced today. "It's time to move on and transfer Intel's helm to a new generation," the 62-year-old... More »

Intel Working on Power Chip for Phones

48-core processor could make them main computers

(Newser) - Imagine if your smartphone could run multiple power-intensive apps without draining the battery or slowing everything down. Expect it in coming years if Intel is able to develop its 48-core processor chip for smartphones and tablets, reports Computer World . The chip would allow multiple cores (think of them like powerhouses)... More »

New Intel Chips Will Block Would-Be Pirates

'Intel Insider' designed to bring better HD content from studios

(Newser) - Intel has added a surprise new feature to its next generation of Core microprocessors—an anti-piracy feature that it hopes will convince studios to stream true 1080p videos. Until now, studios have offered “HD” streaming content, but they’ve held back on the true 1080p resolution out of fear... More »

How to Buy a Laptop

Mossberg offers his annual shopping guide

(Newser) - It's time once again for Walt Mossberg's annual computer buying guide, in which the Wall Street Journal 's tech guru runs down the bare minimum the average person should know when buying a laptop. His advice:
  • Processors: Intel has a shiny new wave of Core chips, the i3, i5, and
... More »

Supercomputers Supercharge Research

Scientists with big questions to benefit more from DOE's two behemoths

(Newser) - It's easier than ever before to get some quality time with one of the most powerful computers on Earth. The Department of Energy has increased the performance of two of its supercomputers more than fivefold, making 900 million processor-hours available to scientists, reports Wired. Expect that boost to lead to... More »

AMD Updates Phenom, Adds 4 Quad-Core Chips

Semiconductor company will ship triple-core chips, too

(Newser) - Semiconductor company AMD has revealed updates to its Phenom line and will launch four quad-core chips that “can improve performance for gaming and multi-threaded applications,” the company says. The California firm also said it would ship triple-core processors, which CNet reports is a first for the PC market,... More »

Intel: Honey, I Shrunk the Processor

Chip shrinks nearly a third to minuscule 45 nanometer process

(Newser) - Intel is rolling out a line of processors today that breaks brave new ground in micro-sizing —the chips are the first ever to be mass-produced with a  45 nanometer process, nearly a third smaller than today's 65 nanometer technology. The development gives the company an edge over rival Advanced... More »

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