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56 Cops Hurt in Belfast Riot

Protestants, Catholics stage rival marches

(Newser) - It was like a rerun of the bad old days in Northern Ireland: Protestant militants attacked and wounded 56 police officers protecting a parade by Irish Republican Army supporters in Belfast last night. The outbreak of violence could be the first in a tense weekend involving parades by both the... More »

Bombs Thrown at Cops in Belfast Riots

Four nights of rioting over Protestant parade dispute

(Newser) - Protestors have been rioting for four nights on the streets of Belfast, after authorities banned Protestants from marching past a Catholic area of the city during a parade last week, reports Bloomberg . During a clash with police today, the protestors threw blast bombs and Molotov cocktails at the cops, who... More »

Bomb Falls Off Belfast Police Car

Cops blame 'dissident republican' paramilitaries

(Newser) - Political tensions in northern Ireland almost exploded today—literally—when a bomb fell off the bottom of a police officer's car, the BBC reports. Army bomb experts were called to the scene at Upper Newtownards Road in Belfast and handled the device in a controlled explosion, but police are... More »

Conservatives Outraged by Ireland's 1st Abortion Clinic

Marie Stopes International braces for public battle

(Newser) - With Ireland's first-ever abortion clinic set to open next week, social conservatives are outraged and clinic officials are hoping for a little public support, the AP and Salon report. Initiated by an NGO called Marie Stopes International, the Belfast clinic will offer non-surgical procedures for women pregnant for less... More »

Queen, Ex-IRA Chief Shake Hands

Queen Elizabeth, Martin McGuinness meet in Northern Ireland

(Newser) - A hugely symbolic moment of reconciliation occurred across the pond today, as Queen Elizabeth II shook hands with a former Irish Republican Army commander. The New York Times describes it as "one of the most anticipated gestures in recent Irish history," and the Times and the Telegraph prop... More »

Priest Who Flashed Porn at Communion Talk Steps Down

Father McVeigh leaving Irish parish, still says he's innocent

(Newser) - An Irish Catholic priest who mistakenly flashed gay porn during a Power Point presentation for appalled parents and at least one child on the sacrament of Holy Communion has quit. Father Martin McVeigh, who shut off his computer and rushed from the room when the incident occurred, initially blamed unidentified... More »

100 Years Later, Titanic Remembered

Balmoral cruise, plaque unveiling in Belfast among events honoring disaster

(Newser) - Amid a buildup to the centennial of the Titanic's sinking that went on and on , the actual event arrived last night, with ceremonies from Belfast to the North Atlantic marking the disaster that claimed nearly 1,500 lives. The MS Balmoral, on a cruise retracing the doomed liner's... More »

Belfast Marks 100th Anniversary of Titanic Launch

City once shied away from claim to fame, now embraces it

(Newser) - Belfast is marking 100 years since the launch of the most famous vessel ever built at the city's shipyards—the RMS Titanic. After three years in construction at the Harland & Wolff shipyard, the Titanic sailed out into Belfast Lough on May 31, 1911. On April 15, 1912, the... More »

IRA Falsely Blamed in 1971 Belfast Bombing

Police bias against IRA at fault: report

(Newser) - When a bomb ripped through a Belfast bar in 1971, killing 15, biased cops unjustly blamed the Provisional IRA, a new police report says. Though the bombing was at a Catholic-owned bar, police considered it to be an accidental explosion as the IRA prepared a bomb—the so-called “own-goal”... More »

Gerry Adams Urges Brother to Face Child Sex Allegations

Victim 'must get justice,' Sinn Féin leader says

(Newser) - Gerry Adams has issued a public appeal for his brother, who is accused of sexual abuse of a child, to turn himself in. The leader of Sinn Féin said he believed allegations of abuse against younger brother Liam Adams were true. Police in both Ireland and Northern Ireland have... More »

Clinton 'Misspeaks' Again on Belfast Bombing

Northern Ireland wasn't the warzone secretary claimed

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has been caught in another war-zone exaggeration—this time, in Northern Ireland. The secretary of state told regional lawmakers that she stayed at a "bombed" hotel that was still partially boarded up in Belfast in 1995—even though the last terrorist strike there was in 1993... More »

Racist Attacks Target Romanians in Belfast

Immigrants to Northern Irish capital fear for lives

(Newser) - More than 100 Romanian immigrants in the Northern Ireland capital of Belfast have been moved into a shelter after a series of racist attacks on their homes. A Protestant paramilitary group is suspected of orchestrating the violence, which has included bricks thrown through windows and death threats against a baby.... More »

Cop Gunned Down in Northern Ireland

(Newser) - A police officer was killed in Northern Ireland tonight amid renewed tensions with suspected Irish Republican terrorists, the Guardian reports. Responding to a call on a private manor southwest of Belfast, one officer was fatally shot in the head and another injured. The Real IRA, which claimed responsibility for killing... More »

'Real IRA' Claims It Killed 2 UK Soldiers

Prime minister rips 'evil, cowardly' ambush

(Newser) - An organization called "The Real IRA" claimed responsibility today for killing two British soldiers at a Northern Ireland army base, the Independent reports. Four other people, including two pizza delivery men, were seriously wounded in the drive-by ambush, reports the Times of London. The attack occurred just miles... More »

Major Northern Ireland Militia Renounces Violence

Paramilitary group observes Remembrance Day with gesture toward peace

(Newser) - The largest Protestant paramilitary group in Northern Ireland stood down yesterday but didn't commit to destroying its arms, the Guardian reports. The Ulster Defense Association, the third and last of the major militant groups in the region to renounce violence, announced its commitment to "a society where violence and... More »

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