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Corporate Cash Won't Ruin American Democracy

Supreme Court's ruling on political spending matters less than thought

(Newser) - Barack Obama and many others would have you believe that the flood of corporate money that was unleashed after the "Citizens United" ruling will drown American democracy. But just how valid is all their moaning? Not very, writes the Economist in its Lexington column. Though special interests are spending... More »

Fundraising Looms Large on Obama's Schedule

President spends more time chasing donations thanks to McCain-Feingold

(Newser) - In between massive federal bailouts and health reform, President Obama has spent a lot of time rustling up cash for Democrats this year, with tonight marking his 26th fundraiser. George W. Bush, by contrast, headlined only six fundraisers in his first year. But that was before McCain-Feingold capped how much... More »

Court Rescinds Cap on Political Spending by Nonprofits

Emily's List wins ruling on 'soft money'

(Newser) - A federal appeals court today rescinded FEC limits on “soft money,” the Washington Post reports. The federal regulations had required that funds used by a nonprofit to influence a federal election be drawn from “hard money” accounts—individual contributions of “hard money” are capped at $5,... More »

How the GOP Went Broke

Legislation, bad governance cost Republicans their financial advantage

(Newser) - The Republican Party has known crises before, but it's always held its own against the Democrats with fundraising prowess. But the GOP finds itself demoralized and impoverished, and seemingly without the funds needed to avoid more losses like the one suffered Tuesday in Mississippi. Politico looks at how the party... More »

McCain Says No More After NYT Slam

But his campaign will suffer sans soft money support, Time blogs

(Newser) - John McCain may be moral enough to help sink his own campaign, a Time blog muses. Today the senator asked “all of my donors and supporters to cease and desist" from spending money "that might be construed as benefiting my campaign indirectly.” Why? Because the New York ... More »

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