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Greek Claims 'Last' Van Gogh

Work said to be 'liberated' from Nazis billed as third portrait of Dr. Gachet

(Newser) - A painting under examination in Greece is being billed as the last work of Vincent van Gogh, the Guardian reports. Seized by the Nazis from French Jews, then "liberated" by Greek resistance fighters in 1944, the work appears to be a third portrait of van Gogh’s physician, Dr.... More »

Art Funds Looking Far East

As West's growth slows, managers aim to buy, and sell, in China, Middle East, India

(Newser) - With major economies slowing and the US dollar near historic lows, art investment funds are looking to move away from the slowing Western art market, Bloomberg reports. Funds are sinking millions into works from China, India, and the Middle East. One leading fund has met its target for contemporary Chinese... More »

2 Stories