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Legendary Climber Stopped Halfway Up Skyscraper

Alain Robert was trying to scale world's 5th-tallest building in Seoul

(Newser) - A climber renowned for scaling skyscrapers instead of mountains got busted about halfway up the world's fifth-tallest building on Wednesday. Alain Robert, a 55-year-old known as the "French Spider-Man," had been trying to climb the 123-story Lotte World Tower in Seoul with his bare hands—and no... More »

'Spider-Man' Climbing Dubai's Monster Tower

France's Alain Robert is going up another one

(Newser) - Alain Robert, known as "Spider-man" for his penchant for illegally scaling the world's tallest skyscrapers, is on his way up the world's tallest: Dubai's dizzying half-mile-tall Burj Khalifa. The 48-year-old Frenchman set off just before 6pm local time, and the trip up was expected to take him six or... More »

Climber Kicks Society's Ass, One Skyscraper at a Time

(Newser) - Some revile Alain Robert, the so-called “French Spiderman,” for his globetrotting, skyscraper-ascending exploits. But to the many who hold him in esteem, the New Yorker reports, he is simply “badass.” When he scaled the New York Times building last year, one fan was beside himself. “... More »

Two Daredevils Climb Times Tower

One is a celebrated French climber known for such stunts

(Newser) - Two men scaled the New York Times' 52-story headquarters today within hours of each other, the New York Post reports. Police identified the first as Alain Robert, a French climber known as Spiderman for scaling skyscrapers with minimal equipment. He unfurled a banner reading, “Global warming kills more people... More »

China Lifts Ban on French Spidey

Daredevil returns, only months after being banned from the country

(Newser) - Only a few months after China booted out French daredevil Alain Robert for illegally climbing Shangai's tallest building, the communist superpower has invited him back. Robert, known as the French Spider-Man for scaling tall structures without safety gear, was expelled for five years and spent some quality time in jail,... More »

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