Charles Dolan

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Dolan Cultivated Garden of Heathens

Times columnist says daddy needs to yank MSG from Jim's hands

(Newser) - James Dolan is only in charge at Madison Square Garden, the New York Times’ Selena Roberts says, because his dad wanted to keep him out of trouble. The court decision against Isiah Thomas, which exposed the Garden’s seamy underbelly, proves that didn’t work very well, she says, describing... More »

Dolans' Offer Scores With Cablevision

Third time's the charm for founding family buying back the company

(Newser) - The Dolans have finally  struck a deal to take Cablevision private. The $10.6 billion transaction, announced today, ends two years of wrangling with the entertainment conglomerate's board, and is a victory for Charles, the company's 80-year-old founder and his son James, now CEO. More »

Dolans Make Third Run At Buying Back Cablevision

Offer shows confidence in cable future

(Newser) - Cablevision's founding family is close to taking the entertainment giant private, the Journal reports. The Dolans have tried and failed twice since 2005 to strike a deal with the board, but the third time may be the charm. The magic number is $36 a share, up from $30 in an... More »

3 Stories