Fantastic Four

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Fantastic Four Bombs

Latest Marvel reboot can't even unseat Mission: Impossible

(Newser) - Fantastic Four took terrible reviews , a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes , and expectations of a $45 million payday at the weekend box office and somehow still managed to grossly underperform, reports Business Insider . The latest to emerge from the Marvel recycling factory managed only $26.2 million—not even enough... More »

After 50 Years, Which Fantastic 4 Hero Gets Offed?

Marvel snuffs out popular Human Torch character

(Newser) - Sorry, Human Torch fans: The iconic Marvel Comics character is no more. The Torch, aka Johnny Storm, died in issue No. 587 of the Fantastic Four comic book, released today. The high-profile death comes 50 years after the Fantastic Four's debut, as part of an epic storyline that will see... More »

Marvel Takes Superheros Online

Hit hard by Internet, comic business hopes fans pay to subscribe

(Newser) - Comic giant Marvel will soon launch a website where fans can access thousands of new and vintage titles featuring Spider Man, the X-Men, the Avengers, and other iconic superheroes. The Internet has dealt a heavy blow to newsstand comic sales, and Marvel hopes to recoup some of the loss with... More »

3 Stories