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Dems Swamped By GOP Ad Buys

Party blames Supreme Court ruling for free-spending GOP groups

(Newser) - Republican-leaning interest groups are grossly outspending their Democratic-leaning counterparts on TV ads in election races around the nation, and the gap is widening as races heat up. Democratic officials say the trend is a direct result of a Supreme Court decision lifting a ban on direct corporate spending on political... More »

Dem Lobbyists Step Up, Prepare to Cash In

High premium on connection to the party in power

(Newser) - As Democrats adjust to controlling all three branches of government, Democratic lobbyists are flying high, reports the Washington Post. Barack Obama's stated resistance to influence-peddling notwithstanding, the trend that took off after control of Congress flipped 2 years ago is gaining speed. “In this climate, Democratic backgrounds are attractive... More »

From Sickbed, Kennedy Crafts Health Plan

Bipartisan effort includes industry; goal is universal coverage

(Newser) - Even as he undergoes cancer treatment, Ted Kennedy is coordinating bipartisan meetings with colleagues and lobbyists in an effort to produce health care legislation that includes universal coverage, the Washington Times reports. The meetings—involving labor unions, insurers, drug companies, and hospitals—“are a testament to how people feel... More »

Interest Groups Rejoining the Fray

As campaign's tones get harsher, parties step up sniping from left and right

(Newser) - As Barack Obama and John McCain drop niceties for harsh politicking, interest groups are seeing a thumbs-up from the candidates to bombard Americans with millions in provocative TV, mail, and Web ads. Groups including unions, MoveOn, the Minutemen, and pro-life BornAliveTruth are planning ads, the New York Times reports, including... More »

Plants and Stooges Spike Town Halls

One can’t be sure the questioner's a plain old citizen, Salon observes

(Newser) - The town hall meeting has long been an American tradition in which regular folk talk with political candidates, but Salon’s Michael Scherer says our modern variant is so diluted by plants and stooges it should “be placed inside quotation marks.” Hillary Clinton’s campaign called attention to... More »

5 Stories