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Vista Update Expected Today

Amazon says first service pack for OS will be ready for download

(Newser) - The long-awaited first service pack for Microsoft Vista will be available online starting today, at least according to Amazon, which is taking orders for boxed copies of the upgrade pack and says it will start shipping them tomorrow. Many of the pack's updates and security fixes have already been sent... More »

Microsoft: Vista Update May Screw Up Your Programs

First service pack shuts down virus protection programs

(Newser) - Vista’s first major service pack may do more harm than good. Microsoft is warning that its upcoming update may disable various third party programs, particularly virus protection and security software, which accounted for half of the dozen programs Microsoft listed as victims. Microsoft said that list wasn’t comprehensive,... More »

Firms Are Waiting on Windows Vista

Problems could prompt many to hold out for big '09 upgrade

(Newser) - It has been almost a year since Windows Vista was released to businesses, but a spate of hardware compatibility issues has many still waiting to upgrade until the release of the first service pack, scheduled for early next year. With the next version of Windows due in late 2009, PC ... More »

3 Stories