Commonwealth Games

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Athletes' Condoms Clog Pipes in India

Commonwealth Games dealing with yet another problem

(Newser) - Apparently world-class athletes have a lot of sex. Following the latest challenges for the Commonwealth Games in India—including sub-par construction, security concerns, worries about dengue fever, snakes in hiding, and menacing monkeys —the latest is that the plumbing is becoming stopped up with condoms, reports Reuters . More »

Scavengers Face Trash Shortage

Delhi may lose green credential by replacing ragpickers

(Newser) - Delhi’s 300,000 ragpickers "are the original recyclers," the Economist reports—but their trade of mining trash for re-sellable goods is in trouble. The city, hoping to clean up for the 2010 Commonwealth games, has hired private companies to collect trash—and ragpickers, who save the city... More »

2 Stories