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Oregon Moves to Quash RIAA Subpoenas

University says it can't, won't, shouldn't finger students for file-sharing

(Newser) - The University of Oregon will support 17 students the RIAA accused of illegal file-sharing. Represented by the Oregon Attorney General's office, the university requested a federal judge invalidate the RIAA's subpoena seeking the students' names. The school argued the subpoena puts an undue burden on it to "create documents... More »

Teen Hacker Switches iPhone Carriers

Expert coders, solderers can ditch AT&T with procedure

(Newser) - A 17-year-old New Jersey student has unlocked Apple's previously AT&T-exclusive iPhone, the AP reports, potentially opening the floodgates for users who want to use the vaunted handset with other carriers. Teen hacker George Hotz used a complex combination of software alterations—and hardware soldering—to let his phone onto... More »

Geek Uprising Shows Futility of Web Censorship

Lawyers no match for websurfers armed with anti-priacy code

(Newser) - The flash riot of Internet crusaders who disseminated the code to decrypt HD DVDs over the last few days should teach entertainment companies to think long and hard about their anti-piracy strategy, the New York Times notes. The standard cease-and-desist letters sent to websites to keep the code out of... More »

3 Stories