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Hacker Blitz Infects Web Search Results

Malicious websites may have fooled Google, Yahoo and MSN

(Newser) - Software security firms believe they uncovered a massive hacker effort earlier this week to "booby-trap" web searches, one which could have rendered Windows and Internet Explorer users vulnerable to fraud. Seemingly innocuous and random search terms, like "Christmas gifts" and "infinity," brought results that included links... More »

Banner Ads Get Nasty

Legit sites hijacked by malware that can hack into PCs, even without a click

(Newser) - Some banner ads on legit sites can hack into your PC—even if you don't click on them. The new ads, which have been seen on sites like the Economist's and, try to scan your hard drive and download malicious software, Wired reports. DoubleClick, which hosts the ads... More »

2 Stories