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Furs Worth Millions Stolen From Posh NYC Shop

Owner Dennis Basso says it could be 'the largest fur heist' ever in the Big Apple

(Newser) - If you're going to pull off a Madison Avenue robbery on Christmas Eve, you might as well go as big as possible. That appeared to be the goal of what the New York Times calls "three discriminating speed shoppers" who broke into a Dennis Basso store in New... More »

Meet the 'Mad Men' Behind Romney's Ads

Ad whizzes toil over message

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has been raking in the big bucks, and the Washington Post takes a look at what he has done with some of that campaign cash: assembled his own "Mad Men" team. The candidate has hired a motley crew of Madison Avenue all-stars to bolster his advertising campaign,... More »

Mad Men Gets 4th Season

(Newser) - AMC television is advertising the good news for Mad Men—the 1960s Madison Avenue drama will return for a fourth season. The series debuted as a low-rated, critical darling but has seen its audience grow at the start of its third season. The early renewal lets viewers know the retro... More »

Ads Tap Into US Bitterness

Commercials get angry at CEOs, uppity lifestyles

(Newser) - Seeking to key into the national mood, the latest spots from Madison Avenue are uncharacteristically angry, the New York Times reports. “We’re turning up the volume in relation to what our customers are feeling,” says the marketing head at Kodak, whose new printer ads slam the “... More »

Wounded Bear Scrambles for a Savior

Stearns hopes to find a quick buyer in troubled times

(Newser) - What's next for Bear Stearns? A Wall Street institution for the better part of a century, it is now scrambling to find a buyer. Its best hope is JP Morgan, which provided a temporary lifeline yesterday along with the Fed. But other possible suitors include Citibank and HSBC, the Wall ... More »

Americans Turn to Web TV, And Advertisers Too

Madison Avenue product placements court cyber-audiences

(Newser) - As broadband Internet access becomes all-pervasive, more Americans are turning from the tube to YouTube—and Madison Avenue is taking notice. The New York Times looks at the advertising industry's foray into online television, eager to get their products in front of the young, male, affluent audiences of Internet channels... More »

6 Stories