Plymouth Rock

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Harwich: Mayflower Left From Here, Not Plymouth

Harwich argues it's the Mayflower's true home

(Newser) - You've heard of Plymouth, England, but what about Harwich? The small town is looking to finally get some recognition as the actual launch site of the Mayflower. As the argument goes, Plymouth, which has long touted itself as the Pilgrim ship's final port of call before crossing the... More »

Provincetown: Pilgrims Landed Here First

Plymouth rivalry heats up as P-town seeks rightful place in history

(Newser) - Provincetown, Mass., wants you to know: The Pilgrims landed here first. Sure, the fresh water was lacking, the sand not so great for growing things, and the Native Americans were a bit scary, causing them to move a few weeks later to Plymouth—the same Plymouth that gets all the... More »

Tourists Stuck Between Plymouth Rock and Hard Place

Famous landmark to be covered during repairs

(Newser) - Tourists traveling to Plymouth, Mass., this spring to see a giant rock will have to settle for a giant box instead, the Boston Globe reports. The famous Plymouth Rock, the controversial landmark the pilgrims may or may not have first stepped on, will be encased in plywood to protect it... More »

3 Stories