Soviet gulag

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The World's 7 Most Remote Destinations

Now abandoned, these places were once home to humans

(Newser) - Forget the Seven Wonders of the World. WebUrbanist takes a look at seven places that make you wonder why people ever settled there:
  • St. Kilda, Scotland: Although this archipelago is known for 16-foot waves and wind speeds up to 130mph, humans called it home for 2,000 years—until 1930,
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From Detroit to Dresden to Siberia

American memoirist imprisoned in Soviet gulag dead at 84

(Newser) - John Noble, an American who wrote two memoirs about the decade he spent as a Soviet prisoner, including 3 years in the gulag, died last week at 84, the Telegraph reports. Taken into Soviet custody in 1945, Noble and his father were incarcerated in Dresden, Germany, where they had run... More »

2 Stories