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Car Dealer Offering Free AR-15 Assault Rifles

They're similar to the weapon used in the massacre at Pulse in Orlando

(Newser) - A New Hampshire car dealer is offering each buyer a free AR-15 assault rifle, a type of weapon similar to the one used in the Orlando nightclub massacre, the AP reports. Mike Hagan owns Hagan's Motor Pool Auto Repair and Sales in Rochester. He says he's given away... More »

Cops: Kidnapped Car Salesman Gets Clever

He reportedly left phone in car trunk to help trace his attackers

(Newser) - Knowing the features of a Dodge Challenger appears to have paid off for a car salesman at a Houston dealership on Monday. It's a crazy story: Police say that two men kidnapped the salesman during a test drive and forced him into the trunk, reports ABC13 . At some point,... More »

Crowdfunding Nets $21K for Pizza Guy Stiffed on $7 Tip

Car dealership made him return to give back change

(Newser) - A pizza deliveryman confronted by workers at a Massachusetts car dealership over $7 may soon reap the financial rewards of staying cool under pressure. Employees at Westport's F&R Auto Sales gave Jarrid Tansey two $20 bills and two $5 bills for an order just over $42, the Boston ... More »

Car Dealer Gives Woman Refund —in Pennies

He empties jars to comply with DMV order

(Newser) - A Florida car dealer ordered to give a refund to a customer whose car had transmission problems grudgingly coughed up—by emptying his penny jars. A 23-year-old international college student says the DMV told Holiday Motors to give her a $400 refund after she was charged for labor costs not... More »

Tesla Model S Sells —for 91.4 Bitcoins

Plus a police chief is now getting paid in the virtual currency

(Newser) - Bitcoin continues to inch toward the mainstream: First a university offered students the option of paying tuition in the digital currency ; now a Newport Beach Lamborghini dealer has opened its doors to Bitcoin business. This week it sold a pre-owned Tesla Model S for 91.4 Bitcoins, delivered via Bitpay... More »

Suit: Scamming Car Dealer Tried to Run Over Buyer

That's just one detail in this crazy New York lawsuit

(Newser) - Something wacky went down at the New York Motor Group, according to a lawsuit that claims a Queens man was conned, nearly run over, and even threatened with divorce by the dealership's owner and employees. It's a crazy tale packed with an "escalating series of insane events,... More »

Car Dealer Famous for Outlandish Ads Dead at 92

Cal Worthington and his 'dog Spot' appeared in California commercials

(Newser) - Cal Worthington, famous in Southern California for the outlandish TV commercials advertising his car dealership, died Sunday at age 92. Worthington, who bought his first LA-area dealership in 1950, started making the commercials in an attempt to drum up business because his location wasn't so hot, the New York ... More » Sues Website Over Bogus Reviews

Site says one source posted 60 reviews

(Newser) - Car website is taking a stand against bogus online reviews. The company is suing a firm it says created 60 fake reviews of about two dozen car dealerships, the Los Angeles Times reports. Humankind, which runs , was behind some 2,000 Edmunds member accounts, according to... More »

The Next Amazon:

Site offers 'Price Promise' to demystify car-buying experience

(Newser) - Add to the list of companies dreaming of emulating Amazon's success. With last year's quiet launch of a service called Price Promise, the car shopping website is trying to "be as close as possible to for the automotive experience," president Seth Berkowitz... More »

'Taliban Toyota' Slur Wins Dealer $7.5M From Rival

Competitor told customers he was a terrorist sympathizer

(Newser) - It may be a tough time to be selling cars, but here's one way not to boost sales: Accuse your big rival of being a Taliban-loving terrorist sympathizer. A Toyota dealership in Pensacola, Florida, has to shell out $7.5 million for doing just that, reports Reuters . A jury... More »

Blogger: Chevy Dealers Gaming Volt Rebates

They're selling cars to each other to claim money, he alleges

(Newser) - A writer at the National Legal and Policy Center thinks something fishy is going on regarding the $7,500 federal tax credit offered on Chevy Volts. The post alleges that dealers are selling the cars to each other to claim the money, then reselling the cars as "used" to... More »

San Francisco's Last US Car Dealer Closes Its Doors

City dwellers don't like buying domestic, says one dealer

(Newser) - In all of San Francisco's 47.6 square miles, you won't find a single domestic new car dealership. The last one, San Francisco Ford Lincoln Mercury, closed 10 days ago with no warning, the Chronicle reports. "It's a tough market. Imports have a much bigger share... More »

Pastor Gets Free Car for Calling Off Koran Burning

Terry Jones taking New Jersey dealer up on his offer

(Newser) - New Jersey car dealer Brad Benson is known for his slightly eccentric radio ads, so many listeners probably didn't bat an eye when he ran one offering Florida pastor Terry Jones a free car if he called off his planned public burning of the Koran. Jones, however, took the spot... More »

GM to Restore About 600 Dealerships

Half of those that appealed will be allowed to stay open

(Newser) - About 600 GM dealerships are getting a second life. Of the 1,160 dealers who appealed orders to shut down as part of bankruptcy proceedings, approximately half will be allowed to stay open. But one dealer tells the Detroit News that it's no cause for celebration until the conditions are... More »

Toyota Gas Pedal Repairs Will Start This Week

Initial cost will top $250M; automaker hit with 2 lawsuits

(Newser) - Toyota will start fixing the accelerators on 2.4 million recalled vehicles in the US this week, and production will resume next Monday. Some dealerships say they will stay open around the clock to perform the first round of repairs, which are expected to cost the company $250 million. Meanwhile,... More »

Mass. Residents Want a Truck Like Scott Brown's

Dealers report rise in inquiries regarding GMC Canyon

(Newser) - Scott Brown not only dismantled the common perception of Massachusetts as a blue state, but he may also have singlehandedly turned the populace on to the Truck. The Truck, if you missed it, is the senator-elect’s 2005 GMC Canyon pickup, featured prominently in campaign ads and now poised to... More »

Billboard Links Obama to Jihad

Colo. car dealership wants this opinion heard

(Newser) - A billboard showing President Obama wearing a turban has sparked a lot of attention at the suburban Denver car dealership that put it up. The sign shows a cartoonish Obama and bears the words "PRESIDENT or JIHAD?" Underneath Obama's image is the phrase, "BIRTH CERTIFICATE, PROVE IT!"... More »

After Clunker Frenzy, Dealers Expect a Slump

(Newser) - Just as the "cash for clunkers" program sparked a boom in auto sales, its cancellation will likely depress the industry, CNNMoney reports. As of today, the last day of the government-funded incentive, rebate applications for 625,000 trade-ins totaling $2.58 billion had been submitted. “We're definitely going... More »

Procrastinators Rush In as Clunkers Runs Out

(Newser) - Cash for Clunkers revved into overdrive during its final weekend, the New York Times reports. After Thursday’s announcement that the Car Allowance Rebate System would end tomorrow at 8pm, consumers across the country raced to dealerships, resulting in long lines, epic haggling sessions, and hours of overtime work. “... More »

GM Will Advance Cash to Clunkered Dealers

(Newser) - General Motors will start making temporary loans to dealers who have yet to be reimbursed by the federal government under the Cash for Clunkers plan, the Wall Street Journal reports. Dealers, some now irate, essentially did the same thing for customers participating in the trade-in plan—covering the government rebate... More »

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