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Plug-in Syncs MS Office, Google Docs

Cloud Connect lets you work in Word, save online

(Newser) - Google has found a way for users to edit documents online without having to navigate a new application—bringing us a step closer to a cloud computing revolution. The search giant has built a plug-in for Microsoft Office that syncs it with Google Docs, TechCrunch reports. With the Cloud Connect... More »

20 Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve

Breaking down large goals makes them more realistic

(Newser) - New Year’s resolutions to lose 20 pounds, clean out all your closets, and cut your grocery budget in half not quite working out? That’s likely because your goals are too large. Here are 20 tasks you can accomplish, all of which are “no more challenging than reaching... More »

Invisible Ink, Hidden Numbers Help Fuzzy Accounting

SEC complaint shows CFO used printouts to fool auditors

(Newser) - Sometimes high-stakes fraud doesn’t have to be high-tech. The former chief financial officer at a company now called Voyager Learning allegedly cooked the company's books by entering figures as white text on white background—the equivalent of invisible ink, Adam Jones notes in a Financial Times blog. More »

Microsoft Weighs Subscription Model for Office

Firm's core apps face Google competition

(Newser) - Microsoft is considering introducing a subscription-based business model for its Office suite of applications in the US, the Wall Street Journal reports. The firm said it was launching a beta testing program, “Albany,” and expected to make the subscription generally available by the end of 2008. Microsoft’s... More »

Math Flub Could Doom Online Safety

Simple error might give hackers private data, expert warns

(Newser) - A small glitch in a computer chip—hypothetical so far—could allow hackers to steal private information from millions of PCs, a renowned cryptographer warns colleagues. Adi Shamir, an Israeli professor who helped design software guarding e-commerce transactions, wrote that a simple math mistake could cause a computer’s security... More »

5 Stories